The Seas

Consequently, swimming, people strengthen your body, develop dexterity and endurance, subject only to reasonable use. Water does not like jokes. It severely punishes those who, swimming and boating, do not know the feeling of a measure does not comply with the rules of water safety and can be rude antics. Misconduct on the water while swimming, and boating can lead to accidents. Found that most accidents on the water is due to the inability to swim. Neumeyuschy swim, hitting the deep place, easily lost and drowned. Often poorly floating pupils swim far from shore, and not calculating their forces killed.

Many accidents occur with children in the no-bathing places. Some boys and girls love to show that they can swim better than others, try swim away, dive deeper, to jump into water from a boat. These guys forget that the ostentatious bravado brave and clever not to face. In addition, violating rules of conduct on the water, these guys put themselves in danger. Many guys like to dive into the water from a height. Certainly, a beautiful dive deserves high praise. But the diving – one of the most dangerous sports exercises, which requires not only courage but also knowledge of the rules of diving.

Forget it divers often get into trouble. A lot of guys fall victim to uharstva and conceit on the shores of the seas. Ignoring the warnings, they remain in water even at four – a five-point storms. All danger of such bathing is not so much swimming in the waves, but in the landfall.

That Decree

In this Decree, obviously post by Carrillo, can be read in its recitals: that the object of the sport is perfect health and not form champions, who by virtue of their exceptional conditions cannot be taken or as models or as a target for the large group of young men and women who are dedicated to the physical development of his person by 36.247 national decree of 1948the State resumed the Mission of organizing and directing the Argentine representations in international sporting events, which exercised the Argentina Confederation of sports from 1927. As a result of this provision, the 5.603 national decree of 1949, established provisional rules for Argentine delegations representing the country. By national decree of April 12, 1949 8,597, determines that education Physical is a matter subject to qualification. It should be added that provincial Act 1937, Jujuy had created at the end of 1948 the Provincial Directorate of physical education. Using the 25.136 national decree of October 8, 1949, the National Council of physical education step depend on the Ministry of education. The provincial law 2,144 be Santiago del Estero, 1950, ordered the creation of the Directorate of physical education as well as local branches of the same competition in the municipalities. By Provincial Decree 420 on September 15, 1950 is created in Tucuman, the General Directorate of physical education in the province. By national decree 18.773 on September 7, 1950, was granted license to athletes who worked in the national public administration, for the pre-selection, selection and participation in the first Pan American Games. This provision would be the first antecedent of the existing special sports license 20.596 law. That Decree 34.817/47, by which the Council had been created National physical education, was left without effect by the Decree national 15.348 of August 3, 1951, attentive to the law of ministries had been assigned to the.


For example, satellite and meteorological observations have shown that five main types of pollutants, including ozone, particles of dust, sulfates, mercury and persistent organic compounds are distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, mainly due to the direction of continental winds. It was found that pollutants from East Asia come to the United States only eight days. In addition, the projected climate change will affect the planet and the circulation of all kinds of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It is expected that in the next decade, substantial harm to the global environment will cause the country East Asia. Bialowieza Forest celebrated its 600-year anniversary of Europe's largest biosphere reserve Bialowieza Forest noted shestivekovoy anniversary. 600 th anniversary of the reserved forests – general date for Belarus and Poland.

Today the Forest is the complex, located on the territory of two states: 62,000 hectares belong to Poland and 167,000 – Belarus. Anniversary events in the 'Bialowieza Park Narodowa' took place in September. And at last week – a holiday in the National Park 'Bialowieza Forest. " Visiting the hero of the day there were scientists and environmentalists from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Changes in the reserve in recent years, visible just behind the barrier on entrance of the village . Have a unique eco-educational center with a new museum, the administration building and library. Among the pine trees grew new three-star hotel – the conference hall, two swimming pools.

K anniversary of the National Park got its own coat of arms. Published interesting books about the history and contemporary life of relict forest. In the near future Reserve will take up more space on both sides of the border. At the request of the Council of Europe, Poland declare all of its territory Bialowieza Forest National Park. So far, only a little over 10 thousand hectares of the 62 thousand have been preserved area. We recall that unesco has declared 2009 the Year of the Bialowieza Forest – not only as a tribute One of the most titled forest reserves, but also as a recognition of the efforts of many generations in the preservation of our forests – the world heritage of nature. Dates of the week: World Days of observing birds on 3-4 October on the planet was One of the most popular environmental holidays – World Days of bird watching. His goal – to draw people's attention to the world cruise, to the problems of preserving their habitat and conservation in general. In this action involving Hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Our country has joined the Days of observing birds 15 years ago, in 1995, and from that time its members have more than 100000 Russians. The main task of days of observation – to rewrite all of the birds encountered for a certain period of time, and send the results to national focal points. Results of surveys in each country are treated in the national focal points, and then combined into international data bank. In the last year in Russia in the International Days of observing birds was attended by 27 272 people from 68 regions of Russia, they have counted 265 species of birds. This result was highest in the world. Spain was able to mobilized 'under the binoculars' more than 22 000 people. Third place was in Switzerland (5100 participants).

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