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“On, customers can specify individual display units on i find the visitors click on solutions” and your own application “an input mask. With their help, you can specify your own display and as a radar chart. The diagram can be saved as a PDF, printed, or sent by mail. Registration on the site is not necessary. So, the designer can match his idea with examples so far of i-sft of realized display units. This accelerates the bid process and enables i-sft to link existing technologies to new, project-specific solutions for cost-saving manner.

The user can weight the different demands on the required display in the configurator. Selecting relative values of 0 as not needed”to 9 (essential”) specifies he, how important is a particular aspect for the successful use of the display unit. A relative indicator of cost results from the cumulative specifications for each project. The relative cost factor gives the user an impression where the costs in the three – or four-digit euro range will move. The i-sft GmbH has due to its many years of experience with display units for extreme application areas such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and outdoor use of sophisticated solutions for a variety of display typical problems. With the Configurator makes publicly available its experience i-sft and gives a practical planning tool on hand developers or designers, weight and must-have from Nice-to-have to delineate priorities to each other. “About i-sft: the i-sft GmbH is a leading global player” for custom display solutions for use in the investment goods sector and highly specialized technical services for this sector, such as troubleshooting and analysis, consulting and display specific measurements. The i-sft started in 1993 as a Research Department of the Siemens group and was transferred to an independent company within the Wammes group in 2003. The Gundersheim (Rheinland-Pfalz)-based company develops and produces customer-specific display solutions, which are used in the most demanding applications of international customers. On the interactive website can configure their individual displays interested parties and requesting offers.

Alexander Svistunov

Today the free media could not position the self as an effective communication tool, "- says Valery Shirshakova. According to the Commercial Director "RIO" Alexander Svistunov, edition has been redesigned logistics system, has taken steps to bring the advertiser to the reader. "For readers, the newspaper holds weekly contest, the winners of which received prizes in the form of vouchers to the mountain Resorts of Ukraine. The competition is attended by thousands of Kiev ", – said Alexander Svistunov. This course provides not only the publication to bring together advertisers and readers, but also whether a review of advertising and its effectiveness – as a conclusion of the action – if it is interesting to consumer advertising, then he looked at her "answer". All the reproaches that of free advertising there is no benefit to me seem to be more free newspapers nadumannymi.Alternativa According to the company UMaster expected that this year the volume of the domestic online advertising market will grow by 30% and reach 162 million USD.

This is due to the fact that the Internet audience in Ukraine has grown to 9 million users and close to the number of audience national television channels. According to the analyst of the International Centre for Innovation and Information Technology Sergey Vlasenko, reorientation of the advertising market in favor of online advertising is associated with a marked difference in the prices of advertising in the plane of "free" newspapers and on Internet sites. "The cost of the transition target visitors to the website with content ranging from 10 cents in investment to develop its own website is $ 200.

Berlin: ScaraSue In The 22./23.September In The Southwest Passage Kultour

ScarSue presents jewelry design with artistic claim made in Germany for the 5th time takes place the Southwest passage Kultour on 22 and 23 September 2012 in the later trained. At 57 stations, the interested public can get an insight into the unique world of art production. As a special highlight, the jewelry label ScarSue at the info point in the building of the PSD presented Bank of Berlin-Brandenburg. In the historic post office building of the PSD Bank is again this year the Central info point of the culture tour. Here can inform interested parties about the stations of the tour yourself and come with a glass of champagne in the conversation with other guests. As in the previous year there will be a concert in the foyer of the PSD Bank on both days. But the info point presents the audience with the label ScarSue. Here it shows and explains the jewelry designer and Goldsmith Susann Krause the emergence of their jewelry collections from the design to the technical implementation.

The special, individual and unique in the foreground and it stands for Susann Krause benchmark demanding an exclusive jewelry making. The combination of design and perfect craftsmanship is priority in the production of their small series and individual pieces. “With its philosophy: jewelry is a piece of clothing him to wear a way of life, to live a vocation and him to design and manufacture a passion” she transferred their ideas with high artistic standards in the technical implementation and making their jewelry pieces. On-site, she will present her latest collection ‘close to nature’. Susann Krause explains this: “collection ‘close to nature’ we have created a combination of professional jewelry design to the originality of nature, without sacrificing the fashionable and elegant facets of jewelry.

Small delicate flowers, which are at the beginning of its full development and still have their colors, taken by, among others, as an example.” In this collection she consciously clear lines, which thus also does not exist in nature. With the floral forms, in combination with the wide variety of colours, their jewelry pieces are taught the natural requirements and are intended to underline the own natural expression. 5. Friedenauer Studio Tour – Southwest passage Kultour, Saturday 22, 16-22 and Sunday 23.09., 13-7 pm, admission free, program guide:, info point: PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg EC, Handjerystrasse 34-36, 12159 Berlin via ScarSue: the label ScarSue of the jewelry designer and Goldsmith Susann Krause was founded in the year 2010 from the idea of their own jewelry creations under an own label. In the fifth generation of a family business with many years of experience in the watch and jewelry craft, Susann committed Krause of the continuation of the tradition. The classic craftsmanship in connection with individual shapes and colours and modern trend design was always the basis of their work and creativity. Different approaches, developed during the occasion family tradition of the watch and jewellery business to combine craftsmanship with the current zeitgeist. Two contemporary, but very different ways of implementation have evolved with the background of artisan experience and tradition. To the art of watchmaking under the brand name MacLean”and on the other hand, the art of jewellery under the label ScarSue”. On the homepage and on the Facebook fan page of ScarSue it is fully informed about the philosophy, the manufacture and current news and can get an impression of the diversity illustrated. Contact: ScarSue Susann Krause Zwickauer str. 1, 08289 Saied Tel. (03772) 28 507 fax (03772) 395-746 E-Mail: info(at) Internet: ScarSue

Paran Colony

Then the founder had that to substitute these that if had dispersed even though of the group for Brazilians and for originary Europeans of other nations of that continent. Thus Faivre makes with that enterprise prospered, although the difficulties in relation to the ways of communication with the towns next. Faivre, finda its participation as managing of the related colony in the year of 1858, after the aggravation of a health problem, come to falecer in 30 of August of 1858, being buried in the proper in agreement colony he himself had suggested. Being as successive per the following years Mr. Gustavo Rumbelsperger, reliable man of Faivre. With the death of the founder of the related colony, they were feared that the same one came to enter in decay, to prevent that such fact occurred the imperial government ahead of the bad forecasts determined: the creation of a sub-police station and judge of district peace, the permanence of a detachment in the place, the removal of an aboriginal group of the region, it mainly granted to ten free Africans for the works of opening and conservation of roads in the colony, and financial aid pra payment of expenditures of the colony in question Proving the prosperity of this colony in its first decades, until findar century XIX, in the initial decades of century XX, the Colony Tereza Cristina, got the installation of the first court records department, telephone, agency of post office, schools, hospital, churches. What it gave conditions of being considered a place with a good development for the time. Comparing it Tereza Cristina of today with the one of the past is perceived that in the end of century XX it entered in decay phase, perceives a regression losing some of the services without never recouping them.

Currently, unhappyly it counts on a great contingent of people living below of the line of the poverty, where the same ones do not have conscience of its proper history. The memory of this important town was forgotten in the time, and as people who does not have memories can be considered people without history, it is as soon as lives most of the inhabitants of that locality. ' ' The impression that is that the project of its founder, with passing of the time, finished together with buried ele' '. Observing all these cited facts, in relation to the origin of the cooperativismo, and that they are part of our history, remembering that the first cooperatives appear, as alternative to ahead facilitate to the lives of its associates of the social context tax for the capitalism. Exactly the experience of the Dr. Jean Maurice Faivre, located in way to the paranaense isolation them forests, in the central region it been it Paran, that it intended to establish a different society, where the people so were not become attached to the money. These pioneers adhere the socialist ideologies, to think this new alternative of life, under the influence of the line of marxist thought, that has strong presence in the European continent at this time. Remembering that the same social context, economic politician and whom the capitalism constructed, were the responsible one also for construction of the socialism, leaving of this principle we can consider them? twin brothers. The cooperativismo is presented as a product of the organization of the laboring classroom in the Europe of century XIX, place where then the French doctor who liveed in Brazil for about two decades, returns in search of its countrymen, them propon


Camping is a custom increasingly lived and enjoyed by many people, especially by the possibility of freedom and creativity. A camp is a good way to enjoy a thrilling adventure, and also invites you to discover natural land not explored or not traveled frequently. Preparation Yes, is true. To go camping or hiking you can be entertained to perform spontaneous activities, such as the passage of time will dictate it, or we are surprised suddenly. But to enjoy a departure from camp, or Yes, you need to be prepared. This means that going camping for example, you must distinguish what is the proper equipment, and which foods and elements of first aid transportaras. Remember that wild nature is called a wild something. Tips about what lead to go camp: 1.

first aid kit if you discover a person without a first aid kit in his backpack that does not a scratch, or is MacGyver, or Tarzan. You don’t know When an incident, can you happen especially if the style of camp that you design is going to one of the wildest places that represent both challenge for you. The outstanding thing you can do is prepare yourself even if only a little for any unforeseen, and basic and essential first aid items to take with you. This includes chiffon, band-AIDS, iodine, peroxide, alcohol, adhesive tape, among several. Between one of the things that I more used, it is a clip of epilating (wait, don’t judge me, keep reading).

Chips that can dig into my limbs are very doloras, and clamp, as small as it is, serves to make me very happy. 2 A good camper kitchen tools cannot afford to live 5 days in a rugged area only eating the raw and natural fruits of the trees. Well, specifically speaking, maybe yes it can. That is based on one of the best-known survival tricks.

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