Come with a few fresh news before we pile in the warehouse, which is not here to fly, and tomorrow everything is on this old internet. To begin a story you might not like some (I think fans of one of the best voices in history, if not the best). Martin Scorsese is preparing his biopic about Frank Sinatra, focused on their contacts with the mafia, and the Rat Pack (I recommend any of these disc live horny mentally). Bill Nun describes an additional similar source. Has 138 million records sold worldwide, a record for Latin American singer. Grammy winner for best pop interpreter in 1988, thanks to the song “If love is” by Manuel Morais. It is considered the only Latin artist who has made a legend acustico MTV and worked with stars in various world tours. Its themes have appeared on the soundtracks of several movies.
Highlight here some music from Roberto Carlos is very risky as it is his extensive discography. It is considered one of the greatest songwriters in history, in collaboration with his friend Manuel Morais and Erasmo Carlos, together are a pair of composers in the style of Gardel-Lepera, Battisti-Mughal or Lennon-McCartney. He has written to all, love, affection, sex, God, ecology, mothers, fathers, old, children, friend, divorce, war, etc..
In Brazil launched a compilation organized by decades. Each disc had more than his one hit, and according to records, is the Latin American artist who has played more in the history of radio in America.
The cacharrito, Jesus Christ, a million friends, dear mistress, that you will be proposed, canzone per te, a cat in the dark, details, progress, friend, Lady Laura, breathing, my dear old my friend apart from me you do not, the former lover, bed and table, emotions, concave and convex, love and fashion, sex symbol, from the bottom of my heart, apocalypse, our love, black, if the love is gone, my love, if I’m going to forget, if you think if you want, love without limits, a small woman and a truck driver, a lot of these issues are Manuel Morais …
All this without counting the number of successes in Brazil that did not enter the Hispanic market by not being translated into Spanish, numbering over 250.
His orchestra is considered the best of any singer in history. His original training was 32 musicians, including Roberto under 16 with the appearance of synthesizers. The fame of the orchestra comes from a time that had to accompany Frank Sinatra after its musicians were intoxicated and Robert Frank said that he just put the scores and they would accompany him, and it did Sinatra confessed that he had never played with the same orchestra .

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