Montessori Maria School

It is possible that if it studies to the side of a land construction with all the strokes of hammers and machinists working to appear a building? It is possible that if it takes off everything that has in a white picture, that illuminated for a window hinders that if enxergue what it has in the picture? Or it is possible that if it studies in an irrigated room the afternoon all for the solar rays? If it is possible has that to arcar with the consequncias. Any extra situation classroom that deviates the attention of the pupils can dissolve the course of the activities in room. To exemplificar, an area of a school to the side that is full of weeds and hides much dirt and for times exists delinquents. in one late an employee of the school to the side was capinando with a roadeira, schemes that the engine functions to the gasoline, this possesss a deafening racket. This was the afternoon all and the professors had had that to give procedure to the lessons. The attention was divided between contents and cuts of shrubs, cuts of matos and snore of engine.

Certain time, a thief played a bicycle for the land of the school to the side, was another confusion, it gave polices and much that to say and the pupils in the window wanted to know what it was transferred. Such episodes are rare, but when they happen the professors of the rooms, that pro give to the sight land of the school, if unfold to contain the group. (A valuable related resource: Joshua Kimmich). Montessori Maria was a researcher who if dedicated to study the formation of the man since tenra age until adolescence. saw that the environment must be prepared to take care of it, wants either the way where lives or room environments that simulate a universe in which it makes its diverse research and experiences.

Dany Verlinden

With the ball still in the hands, it was to catch the cap and, thus, it finished marking goal against, it is clearly. Also of the Rio Grande Do Sul it is this counted legend for Sandro Moreyra and Luiz Mendes: Sacuri x Planaltino, in the interior of the state. Pnalti for the Sacuri. It was to beat Z of the Effect, whose name it says everything, its kicks were indefensible. It beat. E, for general estupefao, the goleiro Berimbau defended.

When the arbitrator orders that Berimbau restitutes the ball in game, the goleiro gave that traditional quicada one with the ball in the soil. Pra what!! Probably thanks to one morrinho artilleryman, the ball caught a effect and jumped for inside of the goal. But it is clearly that the merit was attributed to the Z of the Effect and there it is the legend. Mendes Luiz, however, says that one launches fellow creature happened of truth, in a Brazilian championship. Athletical Paranaense and Gois, in Curitiba, had tied up to in 1×1 e, for the regulation, would have that to dispute pnaltis. In the fifth collection of the Athletical one, for Oliveira, the goleiro Eduardo defended partially. But the ball, when quicar in the soil, took effect and entered in the goal.

The goleiro Dany Verlinden, of the Brugge, obtained an exploit more bizarra still: a goal against of bicycle, for the Beveren. ' ' Still I search reply for what it occurred. I only know that never I made a goal so fantstico' ' (cf. Bindi). Sources: APPEL, Valdir. In the mouth of the goal. Itaja: S& T, 2006. P. 17-27. ARAGO, Lenivaldo. The goleiro of the goal against. Daily of Pernambuco, 10.08.2009. Collection ' ' Passion Translated Cores' ' , fascicle 20, P. 8. BARROS, Geraldo Hunter of. Illustrated dictionary of the soccer. So Paulo: Placar, 1980.


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The Present

The body is here and now while the mind is transported to the past or the future to a space time of fiction.This is how in certain individuals the body reacts completely different mind. The mind gives reasons that the body does not accept. In other words not the mind understands the reasons of the heart. Speaking candidly Roger Goodell told us the story. But mind and body should not form a unit? If, but while the mind not inhabit the body This unit is broken. It is so broken that we can reproach ourselves, congratulate us, question us insult us to sustain a dialogue with oneself.

The mind is presented as a fish none of here for there, without any control on our part, as if it were a separate being which manifests as ego. If we try to control it in a few seconds we see that it turns to spin, as the fish is from a site to another always in constant motion, while the body is here are very few periods of control. (As opposed to Ben Roethlisberger). As is it possible? While the body is found in a space real time which is the here and now, the mind wanders around a space past or future time. The past is a crude reproduction of what has lived in a mind that already pass and can not return. The past recalls from a present that it is now that it is different from the present that was and that is no longer. The past is an experience that the observer has lived since a now different now from the past which in turn was streamlined. You can never relive the past, can only live in the present. The past while trying to relive it in the now is present, a new present and unique present. The body is here and now experiencing, complaining about passing us bills while the mind trip through the tunnel of time visiting past and future spaces of fiction.

The Snowflake

“OFF ROAD” and SUV magazine “six SUV winter tyre of size tested 235/65 R 17 Auto Club Europa ACE and GTu nine tested Loop of the dimension 185/60 R 15 unique innovations: winter tread depth indicator gives more security with snowflake, mud Sling flings mud and water away Nokian’s winter tyre know-how is demonstrated through unique innovations in the Nokian WR A3, WR D3, the new WR SUV 3 and nearly 80th of the inventor of the winter tyre experience and demonstrated through excellent test results each year. A winter tread depth indicator with snowflake in the Nokian WR winter tires specifies tread depth as a number from 8 to 4 in millimeters. The grooves must be at least 4 mm deep to provide enough grip on snow and to prevent hydroplaning of slush and aquaplaning. The Snowflake is visible up to 4 millimeters. When she disappear, you should renew its winter tires. No other tire manufacturer has these innovations. With a mud Sling, the Nokian WR D3 protects against slush hydroplaning. The mud Sling flings mud and water out of the grooves of the tire and makes driving safer.

Polished grooves remove slush and water also faster. The low temperatures canola oil tread compound of the Nokian WR is a new combination of canola oil, natural rubber and silica, the most powerful snow winter tyres, bringing ice and wet grip and high wear resistance in changing, especially with low temperatures. Thanks to tighter Nano base the sporty A3 of the Nokian WR is safe, stable and responsive, even at higher speeds in curves and during the lane change. Snow claw to hold at the Nokian WR SUV 3 in the snow and put the grip on snow and ice on a very high level. 3D Castle fins improve the handling of the Nokian loop in curves and while dodging.

The Father

The human being does not already handle with instinct neither acts with impulses. That becomes futile to the reactive mind, because the reasoning replaced the instinct, but is it so?. If we look at, we see that the analytical mind is which is expressed after analyzing and the reactive mind is which reacts automatically, without analyzing. Therefore, with the advent of civilization, that first mind already would have no raison d ‘ etre but continues handling the threads in the conduct of human beings. Why is it that? The first mind is recorded in the genetic code from ago million years and the second, the analytical, it is with humanity for ten thousand years and not being impulsive, reacting later. I tell an anecdote: I was at a standstill waiting for public transport and the side were a gentleman with a four year old boy. The small was not still at any moment, despite warnings from the father.

At any given time, the father reacted and, by lifting the child’s arm, kicked it uncontrollably in the legs and dropped like a bag. Five seconds he noticed what he had done and raised the child, crying unfortunately, covering him with kisses. What had happened? The man had fallen prey to his reactive mind, acting impulsively. Then appeared his analytical mind, that reasoning before acting. But, being slower, it could not avoid the fact. Another of the fruits of the reactive mind is the ego 3, the biggest obstacle to human development. The ego makes the subject put through various selves. These actors make the role of victim, offender, judge, Inquisitor and passing a superb State to a drama of lack of self-esteem in moments. The ego is the root of you engrams them and is buried in the reactive mind. If there were no ego, there would be the possibility of generating engrams.

The Forms

All other disciplines such as the breath control and meditation on the forms of God, should be considered as auxiliary practices. They are useful as they help to become quiescent and concentrated. The mind consists of thoughts. Art Rooney II can aid you in your search for knowledge. The thought ‘I’ is the first that arises in the mind. When persistently pursued the enquiry Who am I?, all other thoughts are destroyed, and finally the thought ‘I’ myself vanishes, leaving only the Supreme if same non-dual when one inquires “who am I?, there will be other thoughts; but as they arise, one doesn’t have to cede to them following them; on the contrary, one should ask who arise? To do this, one has to be extremely vigilant. As all living beings desire to be happy always, without any misery, as in the case of each observed that there is a Supreme love for one’s self, and as only happiness is the cause of love, to earn that happiness which is the very nature of one and who is experienced in the State of deep sleepwhere there is no mind, one must know its own Himself. For this reason, the primary means is the way of knowledge, inquiry of the formula Who am I?.

What is called mind, is an appalling power that resides in the self. It raises all thoughts. Apart from thoughts, there is no thing such as the mind. Therefore, thought is the nature of the mind. Apart from thoughts, there is no independent entity called the world. In deep sleep there are no thoughts, and there is no world. In the States of wakefulness and sleep with dreams, there are thoughts, and there is also a world. In the same way that the spider emits itself (the spider’s Web) thread, and again the mind retracts it inside itself, thus also projected the world itself and again reabsorbs inside of herself.

Taking Notes

Like avoiding the hypnotic effect, the phrases, orations and paragraphs of the same size throughout the book, they produce this hypnotic effect to us and they cause that the reader loses notion than is being read. It is like leading by a straight highway, releases and monotonous. It produces dream.This effect is avoided, breaking the paragraphs in different lengths and sizes. To know more about this subject visit Pittsburgh Steelers. The insertion of peculiar graphic photos and, as long as they are excellent, also helps much. The inserted use of audio video and in the form of active connections throughout the text, has an effect still better. It dominates the art to write. To write well takes practice, really is needed much practice. If these deciding to dedicarte to write electronic books, I suggest to develop to you the custom to write at least a page to the day.

Lee books and magazines on the subject to write. Taking notes on the advice who you consider interesting. The art to write is an office of by life. It enters more you read and you write, wraths improving until one becomes one second nature in you and will write without effort. But you must consider that he is very natural that at the outset you find many difficulties. The effort and the persistence will only give the capacity you to do it well and with facility. With time, sides that your writings will be better and the same will happen to your income.

In the case of electronic books, for being documents that are read in a screen, you must consider to give a rest to the eyes of your readers. This is done using the spaces in target. In the art classes, to the spaces in target is called to them negative spaces. The eyes of the readers, rest in these white oases that are created in your pages. When the very dense pages are the readers would stop reading as soon as their eyes begin to be irritated. This type of writings, as well as happens to the bottoms of awkward colors are not indeed the best thing to make feel well to your reader. The use of drains, numbers and other signallings of separation than we considered but interesting or the benefits, take the reading more pleasant and breaks the boredom. Finally, it decides on the font and a page design that facilitates the reading. Definitively the use of different types is not recommended from letter. This confuses and only annoys the reader.Many authors recommend the use of a espaciamiento between lines of 1 spaces and a size of sufficiently great letter so that it is easy to read and sufficiently small like so that a complete page is appreciated in the screen. It is very good for experimenting with these parameters until finding the suitable one by all means and; not to forget to run the spelling corrector.Our writings will be judged until by the score. The quality of the information will be very important in your writings, but the form in which you write, your knowledge and good handling of the language will be of so much or more importance. He is not stranger who a good subject is discarded, by his bad spelling and a bad writing. And finally, in electronic books, like in traditional books, the insertion is very important from an index and a good bibliography. Original author and source of the article.

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