A Partner Event In Wedel: Sport-treff Maguire

The sport-treff informed Maguire from frond with the event organization will depend on the occasion of the event, with the aim to leave a lasting good impression on the guests. A particularly important aspect is the selection of a location, the size and atmosphere for the implementation of this project which are suitable. Click Bill Shankley to learn more. In Wedel, Maguire and her staff at the sports club wear Anke Maguire with professional support ensure that up to 150 invited guests will find an inviting event location for corporate events, Club parties and private events. Depending on the desired orientation of the event, this may mean the realization of very different demands. In any case the event ambience depends of course strongly the commitment and service orientation of the hosting staff. In the sport-treff Maguire Anke has Maguire gathered a reliable, highly dedicated team, the the needs of travellers at all times friendly, quickly and reliably fulfilled. So participants feel fine and have occasion to enjoy their stay.

All staff are however other requirements to be fulfilled for a successful event. In particular the food here great importance. The Wedeler catering professionals boast their guests so diverse, freshly prepared buffets, menus, cakes and pies, which produce them according to individual requirements even. The food on offer is complemented by a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. So the event unfolds a, corresponding to their cause, character, many details are to be observed, unless the table positioning or various decorative elements. In consultation with the Organizer Maguire and her staff Anke sure that also this element of practical organization of the event is realized according to your preferences. Here also always room for individual requirements is also the Organizer, because just If a particularly memorable event is to be implemented, the organization can confine itself not to provide guests something special should be offered them. In the Wedel sport-treff, Maguire events of all kinds find their place. Anke’s dedicated team committed Maguire likes, to lead them to full success and answered any more questions the Wedel catering event services. Press contact sport-treff Maguire Bekstrasse 22 22880 Wedel contact person: Anke Maguire Tel.: 0 41 03 / 1 88 18 72 email: Homepage:

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