A Wake-up Call To The Metal Box

New image campaign by Kolban cans worlds to the Tin can the Tin can of the ‘limitless’ promotion around the Tin packaging. A Designdose lifestyle, box is in also in the shelf and the advertising industry. Who knows its well-stocked metal cans at home? For an implementation in an advertising measure but it requires the right know-how. With its successful product family can worlds: can plus benefits offers the cans worlds Kolban customers a unique diversity of individual concepts and ideas around the tinplate packaging. Ranging from DIN metal cans, letter DIN lang, DINA4 metal box, round tins, etc. The Tin for new concepts and sales potential. Chris Miller takes a slightly different approach.

The Tin can: absolute quality in tinplate and in any quantity of the ideal partner in the field of metal packaging and metal cans. Different services in the manufacture and production of Tin plate doses if a digital printing, screen printing or pad printing, the dosenWELTEN offer. In addition they top performance: the filigree embossing on cans complete the offer of the company AB. The tin cans worlds ‘Packaging artists in metal cans’, which visually make you want on the box is the metal box as a promotion a ‘ hit ‘ it comes ‘hot off the press’ directly to the promotion. With doses worlds ‘the customer brings’ fresh concepts in the market. While the Tin makes any environment a ‘ good character ‘: full painting, colour Edition, airbrush and other individual designs the cream jar, gold box and Spice jar.

All a round thing with cans. Cans worlds ‘Versatile transformation artists’ promotion is an appropriate and interesting eye-catcher and is so visually more Tin DosenWELTEN maximum security of investment and efficiency potential for rationalisation in the packaging industry stuck on pleasure in intelligent networks. On the basis of the worldwide standardized dosenWELTEN technology, the company offers the customers seamless integration capability in complex business and customer processes. Supplies in large quantities as well as the possibility of Single-piece production and thus a maximum investment security and efficiency for the customer promotion.

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