The hair is but the showy thing of a woman without concerning the age. Or short or long, wave, smooth or curling we must take, it well-taken care of. I spend enough hours to me in the work and see many ” cabecitas” a newspaper, those of the children of the school and those of its mothers who are going to take them or to gather them. My greetings in the morning talk about almost all to the hair: Luis, slight haircut but chuli! , Ana: that coletas so precious! , they watch to me and they smile to me and with its vocecita of 4 years they say to me: me it has made it my manna. thpiece is the source. I answer to them: That good she is mother, and enter class with a smile of ear ear.

I have in a small box some coletas and when I see that ” poor man mam” he has had to leave house explosion and only he has given time him to quickly pass the brush to him to his dear daughter, I offer the possibility to him of doing coletas to him so that the hair does not hinder to him in its tasks. Often when I speak with the contented mothers them comment it that feel like the children with adornments tuna in the hair, is not expensive to put a great bow to him of colors adapted to the color of the clothes that they take, and if they take uniforms, better, with two models it exceeds to them for the course. In my liking by the infantile care and the ability that I inherited of my grandmother for the seam, I took to my daughters of small with but pretty diadems which I knew to do to them, their friendly pedian them to me of gift for birthday and we conserved many photos of that time. Now that has grown, already with fianc2e, we have begun to remember ” diademas” and we have removed some that teniamos kept. They have had the idea that she sent to me to create blog and to teach to make diadems, the truth is that I am liking much this new facet of my life then when having left me widow has given the opportunity me to have new friendly that I ask to me advice in my mail then aside from diadems likes much the natural medicine. I am inexperienced and I have not known to insert photos (to see if somebody explains it to me), for that reason I am going to you to put the connection of my blog (that I learned yesterday to do it). My daughters sn the models and photographers and my son is the one that selects the music of the video which I have in my blog. A friend who wants to you: Mara PS: Acceptance advice and I have done some but of felt that next I will put in blog, sn very easy to do.

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