American Conspiracy

The American Conspiracy? The attacks of 11 of September and the death of Osama Bin Laden. It has ten years, the United States of America suffered with one from the attempted against greaters of history, had been attacked in the country, the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Department of American Defense, known as Pentagon. The disaster could still have been worse, an airplane taken for the terrorists, whom the White House would reach was deviated and fell in the Pensilvnia, preventing the destruction of the biggest American representation. ubtedly add to your understanding. All the attacks had resulted in the death of 2.977 victims and 19 kidnappers. From then on, it is that the question appears: who was the commander of the attempted against ones, and which the intention of such cruelty? The Americans keep the thesis of that the identified terrorists were the command of Osama Bin Laden and other Muslen to show the superiority of its countries in relation to the United States. But some critics, intellectuals, artists and proper Americans, believe that everything was a plan of the proper American government to cause a reaction to the external politics of the country in relation to the Arab countries and Muslim. Or still, they believe that the attempted against one was a personal action of George W.

Bush, who is maom. The coincidences for all the theories are in fact surprising. When seeing the landslide of the twin towers, we observe something during the explosions, that make to seem that it had explosives of the building inside, and that the Americans already knew of the tragedy. But also, if to repair all the actions that the Americans had taken in the hour, seems that the Arabs had planned everything with antecedence. The republican member of the house of representatives Ron Paul gave its opinion to the CNN: ' ' The argument of that we were attacked because of our freedom and prosperity is falso' ' , and it completed: ' ' If it was thus, Al Caeda would attack Sweden, Switzerland and other countries.

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