Beueler Bahnhofchen

The Bonn online magazine launches revamped design Bonn. Winter sleep in Bonn is now finally over: City Magazine starts matching to the beginning of the spring today with its relaunched website. And many new add-ins, which provide a good overview of the activities in Bonn and the surrounding area. Publisher George of Earl is convinced of the digital shedding of his magazine: we give the Bonnern an exciting, fresh medium at hand, to rediscover their city throughout. “Maybe wins the one or the other with revolutionary new insights from Bonn, which he previously didn’t know.” “Accordingly is the new slogan of the Bonn magazine conquer your city”, the editorial staff as a clear call to all Bonner and Bonnerinnen what want to know understood. It is not something CVS would like to discuss.

Representative for this Declaration of war against homemade boredom wakes the namesake Bonaparte”in the new logo. The editorial staff has given is not only himself with the long-awaited relaunch in the anniversary year: users will benefit from the clearer lines, the fresh look-and-feel of the portal and lots of practical Web 2.0 features. How about creating an own appointment calendar, which you can tune directly to his friends, whether it should be dear after job party or Pantheon”, so George of Earl. Furthermore, offers even more information about the Bonn calendar readers: where can I find the best pubs in the old town and where the best Italian between Venusberg and Duisdorf? Now can operate each user as a restaurant critic or introduce his favorite watering hole on In addition to the improved overview and many other features, users now can see who danced on the main events of the federal capital. In collaboration with virtualnights”, the new photo gallery on shows the beautiful and slant of the night. But it is not the (party -) faces of the city and the fresh design of the Web portal to discover. There conquer your city under the motto”the Bonn are now urged to find their personal Rheingold somewhere between Beueler Bahnhofchen, floodplains, and Kessenicher small culture! More info under: Bonn-distinctive City magazine for Bonn conquer your city! Power reform new media GmbH Mr. Georg of Earl North Street, 73a, 53111 Bonn

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