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The bicycle is the Teckenpferd of many athletic interested people. What would be more logical than a bike trip? Why not even vacationing with the bike? No… not in Germany, over to the peasants, with always the same landscape, but something more times. A bicycle tour in the Caribbean or better on Cuba would be here but just right many imagine. And they are right. In recent years, tourism in Cuba has developed more and more.

No wonder that the exploration of Cuba’s bike not only for die-hard cyclists is high in the course. The wild romantic Oriente (East) the island invites especially to research and crossing. Between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Maestra mountain range, you will find many natural beauties. The quite demanding in part stages can be completed if desired, with the escort vehicle. It can both bring your own bike or one can be rented on the spot. The wheels are technically impeccable and all well maintained, so the cycling pleasure nothing more in the Way is.

A bicycle trip through Cuba’s Wild East, usually first, we arrive at Holguin airport. From there, the tour in historic places that played a role in part during the Cuban revolution, passing down to the sea goes then. Not only tours are offered through the East. Equally impressive, such beautiful landscapes of full natural intensity and biodiversity mountains Central of Cuba and the West. Pinar del Rio as the westernmost province of Cuba and Central tobacco region shines with its own charms. The beautiful organic reserves invite to explore and crossing by bike. Since the Organization of such a trip, not to last through the carrying of the own bike for the Otto-normal consumer somewhat difficult, is to advise the booking of a complete package from the tour operator. More info about bike tours to Cuba give specialists SoliArenas under in Cuba.

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