Christina Avenue

Press INFO: Jennifer Knable hosted on n-tv people magazine “5th Avenue” Frankfurt / Cologne June 2012 – Christina ringer, presenter of the n-tv people magazine “5th Avenue”, has adopted the baby break. Their representation on the screen takes over Jennifer Knable. Under the motto of ‘Welcome to the world of rich and wealthy’ shows “5th Avenue” the news from the world of the VIP. Who was traveling with whom? Who has cleared what prices? “” “” Who ensures the latest baby or divorce rumors broadcast dates on n-tv: – Fridays at 10 A.m. – Saturday 09:30 – Sundays at 10:30 Jennifer Knable Jennifer Knable moderated at n-tv among others the news at the weekend, the luxury lifestyle magazine Deluxe “, the representation for the celebrity magazine 5th Avenue” and travels for several special editions, such as 100% wine “or on the traces of famous movies” throughout Europe. Is the 32-year old in the moderator team of RTL breakfast television also point 6/9 and moderated the regional news evening RTL”for Hesse. Photos in print quality, questions, interviews and postings we hesitate to you at the disposal.

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