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Also in the leisure, bullying can lead to serious health problems. Sport is healthy,”says repeatedly and sports makes strong, sports keeps fit.” as compensation to the profession, to everyday life, to regularly sport drive.””Sport promotes not only the movement but strengthens the sense of community.” Prima! Where do you sport? Usually in the Club because: in the Club, sport is as you know best… The Association is then once about statutes, statutes, hierarchies, boards, fees and posts, members meetings, Honorary offices, duty hours, association rules, House rules, conduct… A Club is founded, entered in the register of associations, in the normal case as a non-profit organization ‘ recognized, gets to promote the socially so irreplaceable charitable donations and grants, is himself a member in the next larger Federation in this case: Sports Federation or association with other statutes, constitutions, hierarchies, meetings and regulations, eventually as an umbrella organization in Germany the German Olympic Sports Federation DOSB with own statutes, constitutions and regulations… Bureaucracy, made in Germany everything is regulated.

Then the fun can go Yes finally the fun in sports, health through sport, success in the sport… Success? Stop! Maybe better not! Because success created envy and jealousy and is not seldom heavily punished ‘. The just still so popular Club member will be released to the burden of the same to the launch. Now enters into force a regulation of a different kind: the Hack’-order. It is available on any paper, but everyone knows it.

Social exclusion is the least, now to be reckoned with, called the libel or slander like worn by any rumors within the shortest time over the sport comrades in the world put in everyday life. Else in life to the less one has, he hacks now with finally man who, the more intense here in the Club. Ultimately are no limits more the inventiveness of evils against the chosen victim. Terms like ethics, decency and sports Fellowship mutate to Fremdworten: Club Meierei, as it is in the book. The longer is the victim withstand the attacks, these are the wicked and disgusting. And it fails with the evils of the inner strength of a chosen as victims of bullying adults, then these are also quite unabashedly against children. About short or long it is reached, the sick goal at some point you get small each. The unwanted service providers is successfully disposed on one way or the other. Bullying psychological terror of unprecedented dimensions from a formerly motivated, healthy people a nervous wreck did, full of nightmares, dining or sleeping disorders, heartburn, nausea may be depression. The man is ill, he is very healthy, the sport. The victim then seeks the help of the official responsible of the organized sports sports federal or governing body, oh, then can it tell stories, because on the writing of all these countless statutes, the understanding of fundamental human rights has remained probably somehow statutes and regulations on the track… (Ilia Faye)

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