Combatting Thrush

Thrush, what to do Do you often encounter with exacerbations of thrush? – Thanks to research it became clear that, at least one episode of thrush experienced 75% women, 45% of such disease was observed on several occasions. A 5% of women milkmaid face 4-6 times a year. For France, this complexity is also an economic nature. In a year we spend 200 million euros for the treatment of recurrent yeast infektsiy.S men are a bit easier. Read about men's disease. – Why chronic yeast infection exists at all? And also, why not help the drugs work? – The fact that fungi – is an age-old problem.

Destroy them once and for all impossible. John Smith understands that this is vital information. Their power – in the light usvaimosti to new conditions. Against them are constantly being created all the new drugs, but every time fungi adapt and create a kind of immunity. Of course, not right away – a period of drug effect, but then it becomes ineffective. Slightly earlier among the many species of fungi were the most aggressive type of Candida albicans. Now the greatest activity takes a different view – Candida glabrata. This is a very important observation.

After all, most of the drugs orentiravanno only addresses the first type. Against others, they are helpless. We need new drugs. One of them – zalain – there and in Russia. – Doctors often complain that the cause of frequent exacerbations of thrush are antibiotics. What situation in your country? – Of course, antibiotics destroy the vaginal microflora, thus providing more opportunities for mold reproduction. But do not want to say that this problem is unsolvable. Now Patients were treated with great caution to antibiotics, understanding all the pitfalls of such therapy. And not many of those who dare to be treated without consulting your doctor. The doctor must also appoint, in addition to antibacterial and antifungal agents. Today, we are concerned about another cause of frequent exacerbations of thrush. In our opinion, to blame the women themselves. Quite often, suspected yeast infection, they begin to be treated independently. Therefore, the result – the periodic recurrences. – How do you solve this problem? – We focus on advocacy. From the pages of various newspapers to warn about the dangers of self-medication. We also have other, more fast and promising methods of persuasion – by vested interests. Most drugs available without a prescription, because of this woman and treated themselves. In this connection now chosen a tactic – a high price antifungal drugs. So it turns out: in order to avoid needless expenses, before you purchase wiser to consult a doctor. – What do you do in cases of pregnant women? – According to one study conducted in southern France, in one of four women, the disease manifests itself precisely during pregnancy. In treating such patients, we use the drugs, which act effectively and quickly, and accurately, to the harm caused to the fetus is minimal. According to recent data, the effect of treatment on the new scheme – a period of 24 hours – the same as the old, but the drug had to take three days. Also, expectant mothers preferable to use local products-for example, ointments, suppositories. – And are there any specific treatment of fungal diseases among adolescent girls, nulliparous women? – They are treated by general scheme. If the disease is caused by fungi of genus Candida only need a course of therapy with antifungal drugs. But if the disease has been mixed and fungi coexist with other microorganisms, in this case need and more antibiotics.

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