Common Time

Out of the ordinary? One thinks, believes or suspects have all truths, all roads, having spent all fears. Last time, when one had as it is commonly more failures than successes, is believed to overcome all the fears and listen to the same problems but in the mouth of another thought that that person is somewhat immature and the prejudice of being rather than the or she appears. Without realizing there is something hidden suddenly. That when one feels more strong, more immune to all history, unleashes something that we had or still have within us, so call it a feeling that makes time hide or ignore altogether, surreal ignorance that let us know beforehand but we want to make account that it’s okay, not passed us nothing, but staring at a souvenir aviva second by secondin a constant without high and low movement, it is only something that is controlled by its own inertia without a guide who tell us of that magnitude implies or silly that is, will not know if it shines like no other to not wake him or is only a quirk of youth that will die by distance or the time that kills any principle of fleeting happiness without problems. Sometimes hard to have it so deep, hard to think otherwise and dan wanted to kill him on the inside, remove that seed that began as nothing and ended up in a difficult to extirpate incarnate bunch. Life gives easy and difficult choices. There is a medium level, the problem is that everything seems difficult or unattainable, if we talk about dreams and hopes, we are taking a step backwards before, implanting fear on the road doing everything more cumbersome and confusing.

We seek eventually do the right thing, do what years ago we thought but not us are encouraged by various circumstances, overwhelming obstacles, exposing the worst of yes same to be impossible to a second option, in reality we do not want that second option and clearly it is not a fad, it is something that is known from the inside, from the beginning, always, what to want something that we’ll not until the day in which we say end of the road for life. In that time? in that circumstance? will emerge from the only time? It is not known, NO LO SE! does the courage where he hid me?, the face vanished hard it used to be, but still alive to hide what I just was. And you do not.

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