Communication Skills

Life is very happy for anyone who wants to be! Learning to listen is when they're softened and those paying attention. Learning to listen is a way to prove yourself. Always look in the eye without looking down. If you lower the look they take more control. Learn to listen and learn how to speak and understand your partner or friends. In my life I've always said that I like to argue? I tell them I'm not discussing whether to soften not understand the topic in conversation.

Talking about a subject is not discussed, it is called talking, communication, learning a new opinion. You must not cry when you speak. That is already discussed. If you talk without shouting may agree. But if you cry because that means who really like burst peak.

A relationship is not well. That only a talk at a time and not at the same time. Learning to listen when they soften is very good for you sake that the other person respect you and also learn how to talk. They say that means the people talking. That is very true. One example that I want you to think well. I'm coming to my house and my wife is cooking and I say, you do not know what time I go! It should be the food! She replies by saying, all day long and been working. I'm thinking if she's tired or not because I just think of me. Now if I get home and tell my wife. Hello my darling how are you! I help in something that you look very cansadita. And you know that you're tired but you take it out into the light, your look says it all. No need to tell him anything. She'll smile and will give you a kiss and everything will be very nice. If your values, they too! The body is finished but the inside is what grabs you special. If in your conversation you say, but it is not true and you alter it becomes a conflict and the person will tell you that you are stupid and think that such discussion. If you want to keep you in control of your life. When you stand to talk about something first you will know the people who will talk and reach an agreement. Not discucion, is communication. Learning to listen and watch your mouth what you say is to live a better life. .

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