Competition OlympiX

We are looking for competitive OlympiX – best blog about the study until to July 31, 2008 the author at regular intervals, the best DetailX blog, in which reported the ups and downs of the construction of a concrete study. Was correcting the Prof again for the pants? Again from the beginning? Model finished? Plotter not working? It just write in your blog to detail X and win it even! Prices – what’s to win’s? “1st prize Gold Medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription, the fresh book the new architect” and a unilateral release of the best content of the blog, as well as a short profile of the users in the DETAIL! “2nd Prize Silver Medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription and the fresh book the new architect” 3rd Prize bronze medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription just got losbloggen and win! The assessment is carried out by a specialist-jury consisting of the detailed editorial, DETAIL-Online Editor and columnist and author of the online magazine Internet for architects”Eric Sturm. Period of from blog posts: 7 May to 31.Juli 2008 in addition There are even offering OlympiX OlympiX blog action. news/olympix-studienarbeitenblog / contact: Institute for international architecture documentation GmbH & co. KG Sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich Tel.: 089 / 38 16 20-0 fax: 089 / 39 86 70 contact Axel of Durheimer E-Mail:

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