Continuing Education

Training Centre for sports, health and therapy in training Lubeck, Lubeck and versatile training, November 25, 2012 – the healthcare industry the need for skilled workers is growing steadily and so. Therefore, professional training and further training in this area are so important. The Eric Academy of Lubeck trains the health interested young people in the health and sport-therapeutic area. The special the trainings take place not only in Lubeck, but the instructor team responds flexibly to individual training needs. We offer motivated young not only courses in our premises in Lubeck.

We train small groups also likes nationwide on-site”explains owner Peter Duschek, fitness Economist (BA). “The participants save time and costs for travel and accommodation expenses and get our individual training at the highest level.” Peter Duschek is an expert team of doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists to the Available. In the next few months training courses to the hot stone under therapist and core training instructor, as well as training in reflexology and massage partner other training to the health care professional and the massage therapists, on the program. New in the program are training to become a consultant for occupational health management, as well as the training to the back school trainer, Atlas therapy and baby massage. We very pleased to share our expertise in future and to train competent young”.

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