Dany Verlinden

With the ball still in the hands, it was to catch the cap and, thus, it finished marking goal against, it is clearly. Also of the Rio Grande Do Sul it is this counted legend for Sandro Moreyra and Luiz Mendes: Sacuri x Planaltino, in the interior of the state. Pnalti for the Sacuri. It was to beat Z of the Effect, whose name it says everything, its kicks were indefensible. It beat. E, for general estupefao, the goleiro Berimbau defended.

When the arbitrator orders that Berimbau restitutes the ball in game, the goleiro gave that traditional quicada one with the ball in the soil. Pra what!! Probably thanks to one morrinho artilleryman, the ball caught a effect and jumped for inside of the goal. But it is clearly that the merit was attributed to the Z of the Effect and there it is the legend. Mendes Luiz, however, says that one launches fellow creature happened of truth, in a Brazilian championship. Athletical Paranaense and Gois, in Curitiba, had tied up to in 1×1 e, for the regulation, would have that to dispute pnaltis. In the fifth collection of the Athletical one, for Oliveira, the goleiro Eduardo defended partially. But the ball, when quicar in the soil, took effect and entered in the goal.

The goleiro Dany Verlinden, of the Brugge, obtained an exploit more bizarra still: a goal against of bicycle, for the Beveren. ' ' Still I search reply for what it occurred. I only know that never I made a goal so fantstico' ' (cf. Bindi). Sources: APPEL, Valdir. In the mouth of the goal. Itaja: S& T, 2006. P. 17-27. ARAGO, Lenivaldo. The goleiro of the goal against. Daily of Pernambuco, 10.08.2009. Collection ' ' Passion Translated Cores' ' , fascicle 20, P. 8. BARROS, Geraldo Hunter of. Illustrated dictionary of the soccer. So Paulo: Placar, 1980.

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