Diet and Weigth Loss

While the authors of “advisers” or to the right of diets argue that it is now necessary to clarify to people that obesity is more than a cosmetic problem. Obesity causes illness, and thickness die much earlier than normal weight. There is now no longer Glyx, Atkins, Glax, Low Carb or Glux, but rather a consciously healthy and vital life, which reduces the calorie density significantly. A calorie is a calorie, says Auguste Racine. We must launch a revival of the calories table. It is easier and more satisfying at the same time with vegetables, fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, pulses and potatoes lose weight, as with pork, sweets, chips or fast food. Who supplies the body with fewer calories than that required this forces us to reduce body fat.

If the food still contains enough protein and exercise is added, the beneficial and important to each individual purchase works. Geno Smith shines more light on the discussion. A whole grain bread with tomato paste and Harzer cheese tastes good, satisfies and is compared to white bread with butter and Brie really low in calories. applies especially in spring temperatures to watch it, because one already iced coffee has 573 calories, said Auguste Racine. If you are in vegetables, fresh fruit, boiled potatoes and tired of eating extra lean beef and pork, fish and lean dairy products, enjoys takes off well. Overweight people lack the knowledge to do their body good. It can not be that great for a greasy fast-food meal still hungry for pizza and then the mood for a sofa-night stands with chips and even daily, gets excited, the third Chairman of the DKDG, graduate teacher Almut Carlitscheck about eating and health behavior of the thick German.

It lacks the sense of one’s body with its needs, so that the question of the well-being and health of the body does not even provide. Important and lasting weight loss and healthy lifestyle is regular exercise is essential. Sports Trainer Mareike Carlitscheck, founding member of the DKGD represents, that is sufficient already a daily walk of only 15-20 minutes in comfortable, sturdy shoes for weight, to the level of the zero-motion be brought to a health-measure. If the daily operations are not covered by car, but on foot, by bike or by public transport and the staircase is used instead of an escalator, it also increases fat burning and suggests gently on the cardiovascular system. Recent advances to the state and its health care system are absurd: No institution may decline to the people! Being fat is not inevitable! People can not escape him by laws of the state.

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