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Informed assessment first hand from the Triathletin Dominique Angerer for any endurance and professional athletes is a controlled and nutritious diet requirement for good performance in the sport. Effective athletes food products, such as by easyway sport, provide the body with the right composition of proteins, carbohydrates and essential nutrients. This will ensure not only the energy during training and competition, but also the regeneration accelerates after the load. The triathlete and approval by easyway sports, Dominique Angerer, depicts their impressions of product and effect in an interview. Mrs. Angerer, run the sport for several years professionally and successfully. Easyway sports how did you discover this for themselves? As a triathlete, I must pay attention especially to my diet. However I rarely have the opportunity to cook me a special dinner, which is geared to the special needs of the endurance sports time. That’s why I easyway sports tried out. To be precise: the package for the fat metabolism training with the nutrition and the energy shots. The meal is fast and simply prepared and supplied my body with all that is necessary. How often do you take easyway sport? And what is your assessment of the product? I am completely satisfied! Easyway sports accompanies me every day. I use the fat metabolism package once daily also sometimes twice a day, because I exercise a very stressful profession in acute medicine and therefore not come to dinner. “It gives me the necessary energy for my workouts and can feel me, if I have a normal” meal must omit. In addition to the effect of such nutrition how easyway sports also the taste is not unimportant for many consumers, you know the usual sports products than rather getting”. How do you classify easyway sport? It tastes fine to me. In nutrition, especially the compatibility is an issue. Sports I find personally digestible and very easy way facet-rich no matter whether in combination with raspberries, apples, soy milk or just water, as I usually drink. Nurse and exercising this profession even in spite of the time-consuming professional sports and most of the time in long layers. How do you manage to combine job and Triathlon? And how will help you easyway sport? I connect my long services, which often include thirteen hours, often with subsequent or previous training. Sometimes I train both before and after the work depending, what looks like the end of my day. On such days I like especially at easyway sports, that my sugar level is for several hours on the job, as well as in the training. Is the sugar level an important issue for you? Yes, very much. I’m a person who frequently fight had to sugar crash problems in training, because I eat often only very small portions, but there are still other reasons. On the one I often train with strong men with. On the other hand is my profession in combination with the Triathlon a great load for my body dar. But I love my intense life and not otherwise cite it. Easyway sport is me in my sugar budget regulating a great help. Easyway sport has the claim to provide the necessary energy when taking before the physical exertion. Will also providing slowed (slow release) extend from carbohydrates providing energy to the muscles during exercise. Could you find such an effect? During the exercise (and especially in the final stages) I feel, to have sufficient energy after taking easyway sports. No matter whether I work out before or after work my desired workload I can do at any time. I can imagine already providing energy very well as race food I will test but this year somewhat later, because I was very sick in January. My body was completely empty and not recovered by the infections. But early February could I get back. What is your plan for this year? What goals do you have? I think my main focus on racing this season. In the spring, I’ll find a few running events as a test. I’ll probably omit one of my final year victories, the middle distance in Linz, but I can plan that even in the short term. Since I’m now in the Austrian national team pool, I’m also the National Championships into consideration. I will not complete however the Ironman Regensburg, because this appointment in regard to my enforced break in January seems too early. So much for my plans: I will possibly follow various national invitations to the person: Dominique Angerer has for many years successfully as a triathlete on the road. She won several competitions, like for example the middle distance in Linz 2011 and now also belongs to the Austrian national team. As a trained nurse (Special anesthesia) she knows particularly the medical implications and requirements of endurance sport. Easy way sports is exclusively available at. Company profile: EasyShare way GmbH, headquartered in Neuss is a manufacturer of quality nutrition, supplements, and high-performance drinks in the sports market. The company can look back on many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Easyway sport characterized by particular expertise in the area of nutrient supply and is one of the specialists for weight & nutrition management. In 2010, Easyway sport for the first time developed a complete nutrition.

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