First World TLC

Analyzes and writes Armando Bartra you see in these ruins, which are or may be you see these ruins of Cuevano-Guanajuato-Mexico Jorge Ibarguengoitia parody we’ll soon know if they come up or go down, because at the top know who they are and who are in the bottom, upon some who will, and when there is more than the guts of philosophy between the hands, brains intelligentsia only serve to be trepanned from the comfort and the comfort of a corporate political hierarchies and privileges. F. Nietzsche in On Truth and Lies in extramoral sense, define: do not yet know where it comes from the impulse towards the truth, because so far we’ve only paid attention to the commitment that the company prepares to exist: to be truthful, that is, using common metaphors and therefore, we have only paid attention, that in moral terms, the commitment of lying under a strong convention, lying meadows, according to a binding style for everyone. Please visit Roger Goodell if you seek more information. Here, then, the source of the updating to the media and new information technologies and communication, ownership of entrepreneurs and space for political propaganda and advertising, which is not free the country (and in) the shadows. a The draft country that Carlos Salinas de Gortari began to enthrone since he was Secretary of Planning and Budget with Miguel de la Madrid as president and that his work was the First World TLC in a developing country, and from a place of mountains and the jungle of Chiapas, the EZLN, it tarnished, still has not failed or ceased to disrupt and intervene in the political scene as the presence transexenal for its planned 24 years in all political and economic power, because they have been and will twenty-four to thirty years of absolute corruption and impunity. .. For more specific information, check out Chris Berman.

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