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Engineering Office responds to increasing emphasis on object-oriented and cost – planning and consulting Frankfurt am Main, Germany – since April 1, 2011 is the BEAK AG in the area of the elevator and conveyor systems actively. It offers its customers now planning and consulting services for elevators and escalators. Michael J. Bender spoke with conviction. The requirements of the legislator to the execution and operation of lift installations have increased considerably in recent years. There was a flood of new or revised standards and regulations. An example of this is the adjustment of lift installations after BetrSichV (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) or regulating the energy efficiency according to EnEV (energy conservation). It is not surprising that this has led to great uncertainty among the operators and their management companies.

Here is the BEAK AG with competent, vendor-independent consulting as well as object-oriented and cost – planning and developed the integrated, standard-compliant solution for each customer. The requirements of architects and builders of elevators, and conveyors, regarding space, design and costs, resulted in the past the various results. Even adapted the technique to the building and the costs ballooned. The next construction costs were in the budget, but the technology did not fully meet the requirements. Modernisation of elevators and conveying systems, problems with the old are often the customers’ technology talked. But not every drive, which makes noises, and not every elevator control system in relay technology must be replaced completely. A much less expensive overhaul or partial renewal is sufficient in many cases. Also in the planning of new plants, especially a detailed look of all conceivable possibilities is crucial.

Instead maschinenraumloser rope lifts come also elevators in question, E.g. in an elevator with 4 stops. These are cheaper in the acquisition and maintenance and offer comparable to high-quality components. Also the energetic consideration of lifts the BEAK AG helps with expert advice. Their work is the guideline VDI 4707. Because the “EnEV” has set the requirements for the energy consumption of the buildings while, elevator technology, as a significant consumer, but is not considered here. The Association of German engineers (VDI) has developed the VDI 4707 here. This policy is the energy pass for lifts and hence an instrument to the energetic consideration of total energy requirements of a building. So the engineers of BEAK AG can on the requirements of the operator on the environmental performance and energy efficiency of the elevator and conveyor systems and evaluate the systems. The BEAK AG offers customized consulting and planning services since 1973 in the areas of technical building equipment, security technology, building automation, and data center planning. The experience of the company, as well as a team of internationally experienced and dedicated engineers, technicians and technical traders guarantee the reliable construction of safe and ready to use Infrastructure for IT and telecommunications technology. The customer base of the company consists of banks, insurance and their subsidiary, voice data and Internet service providers, and enterprises of medium-sized companies and large industries. The cooperation with national and international companies in the data center industry helps the company to identify new trends and to find solutions to current problems.

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