Greenpeace Competition

In global competition by Greenpeace UK, etc advertising agency from Aachen has achieved first place in one of the five categories. Aachen, August 09, 2010 – after 3 months, over 2000 submissions, more than 2,000,000 clicks and over 25,000 votes has the draft oil together now in the scurrilous category WTF? as used by oil together now! “- the idea! “Seemed to be just a few decades ago values such as love, peace and the harmony with nature” to enforce and we believed in it, that our models with all you need is love! “ushering in a better time, now ecological and social chaos is always visible. Imagination and creativity seem to have committed still the target of economic success. The living conditions of millions of people is increasingly determined by corporations and behind people who were lost to social and environmental responsibility. Reckless greed raises environmental, natural, and whole societies into the abyss.

“Oil together now!” – bar any reason and responsibility here goes a dazed by the oil group tour of the seas apparently encouraged to tune all in their chorus. Narcissistic, according to grohlend and oil of all tubes they celebrate their party. For more information see Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. If already a big deal”, then right – and that is on their journey a world darkened, is reckoned with knowing. The campaign behind the logo”we felt as a sparkling idea, now creative has challenged us. The idea was developed in the joint brainstorming with Eva Maria Peschke (CEO), Claus-Martin KuSTER (CEO), Corinna Ernst (artwork) and Matthias Adolphi (artwork).

“The artwork for oil together now” was carried out by Matthias Adolphi. We are sure that the Greenpeace campaign in his society-political position strengthens and further provides in the public Center. We are creatively curious on other challenges. Etc Agency is an advertising agency in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium, Netherlands. It is primarily for complex products contact Industry, research and trade. Interdisciplinary teams of experts from the fields of Web design, programming, exhibition & event, specialized journalism & press coordinate a constant core team, consisting of five persons. Creativity in Word, image and illustration characterize us.

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