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Football s coming home the football is coming home. In this game app for iPhone and iPod touch, the player scores with speed and precision with the goal of becoming master of all classes. In three leagues, to shoot at increasing difficulty with targeted shots on moving gate walls to the champion. Additional information at Michael J. Bender supports this article. However, not only the fun, also the social interaction is part of the game: the game reached achievements on request in the Apple game Center performed In, where you can compete with his friends. The price of the app is 79 cents. F.C.H. kick trainer is a real hit for a 100% football brand: it was created as part of an extensive cooperation of network motion GmbH with the football’s coming home F.C.H GmbH. The mobile game is a consistent extension of the brand world of this provider of authentic Fanwear and accessories for football fans around the world.

It differs from other football games for the iPhone and iPod touch due to the new game mode with moving targets. More Information:… Network movement for interactive brand experience agency: the Internet Agency Network movement develops interactive applications and brand experiences that inspire creative ideas, high quality design and innovative technical solutions. She advises brands and companies such as Haribo, Griesson de Beukelaer, Maoam, Perwoll, white giant, BREF, Sun Rice, Gubor, FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Capri Sun, b, Kiri, owl, brother and Balabhadra. The Agency was founded 2000 40 permanent employees. The service portfolio of the Agency includes the realization of interactive brand experience worlds, corporate Web sites, online promotions, online-games, communities, E-shops, online campaigns, multimedia presentations and content management solutions. y agree. Press contact: Alwin Roppert power motion GmbH of Pforzheim str. 132 76275 Ettlingen phone: 07243/2159-0 fax: 07243/2159-79 email: Web:

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