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Power-online quality advice with the guaranteed the perfect purchase decision as reliable online quality product consultant is for consumer electronics presented its customers, prospective customers, and general visitors with improved and upgraded Web presence. (Source: Conrad Vernon). The ever-increasing Internet boom, in particular those in the area of online shopping, was reason for an appealing impression for visitors as well as potential customers on the Web. This resulted in also a recent study of the economic faculty of the University of Vienna: the results revealed that more than half of all online shoppers with the range of technical products and articles on the Internet too much looking. Therefore, 70 percent of consumers indicated that an improved, comprehensive and helpful online product advice would be recommended. as independent online advice and information platform for consumer electronics products to comply with this request.

The 2009 launched Austrian start-up company presents itself as a reliable service that mediates between the range of current consumer electronics products and is for interested visitors. The goal behind it is users, according to the motto, make better decisions”, to facilitate their purchasing decisions, so that you can find quickly and easily the product best for you. Also users with less technical Know-How offered a clearer market overview: lenses are reviews of more than 3,000 products in the field of consumer electronics such as TV, consoles, navigation devices, digital cameras, camcorders and notebooks as well as the respective Top10 product classifications and comprehensive price and quality comparisons only a fraction of that information that provides its users and visitors. Recently with explicit descriptions in each of the six main navigation areas such as TV, consoles, navigation devices, digital cameras, camcorders and laptops. This is intended to the user already first know what awaits him in the individual categories. An excellent and understandable structure, as well as an objective buying advice are always guaranteed with the Portal allows the user to not only an overview of the quality of their products, but offers this wonderful insight into their different applications.

In addition, the user learns an informative overview of the exact capabilities of consumer electronics products, so that this can assess for themselves whether the particular product can meet his needs and desires, also with regard to criteria such as price and General expert opinions. Many users that use as help facilitate their buying decisions for products in the field of consumer electronics, are aware that this portal in contrast to conventional product comparison sites analysed not only the price, but the quality of their products: A great thing. When you consider that in the case of a purchase, not only the price represents a decisive criterion. For this purpose, has created a unique rating system that allows the quality of a product by means of modern analysis methods on the one hand better, on the other hand a multiple objective raise and calculate. Conclusion: It is revolutionizing as outstanding online quality product advice portal for consumer electronics demand market of the buying guides in the consumer electronics sector actually true. The portal shines not only through a serious and attractive web presence, but above all by his outstanding and objective product comparison spectrum with regard to a variety more important criteria. The correct buying decision, which always guarantees an optimum customer satisfaction, so is nothing more in the way! Like. Edith Kiesl EP-solutions – Internet Service Agentur

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