Jurgen Habermas

Globalization! Dualidade or Igualdade? To speak in globalization in our current days is practically in fashion between the great thinkers and intellectuals. Since the Jurgen Habermas, classic for its studies on the bureaucracy, until Noam Chomsky that if currently became an icon for its works in linguistics and adventure in writing on fenmemo of the globalization. Among others intellectual, the Globalization comes generating a series of quarrels on its importance, that beyond establishing connection all the continents through computers, medias, transports and other factors, contributes in very for a highest growth of the poverty and the misery in the world. After all that it has right to usufruct of the privileges that the Globalization offers in them? We can cite that it made possible an efficient nimbleness in designers of the great cities, practically transforming the metropolises into its physical format delimiting the certain place for each sector, this due one in very to the studies of Bauhaus and Norman Foster. planned cities, that thus could contain an urbanization that made possible a quality of better life, with systems of efficient collective transports and quality of acceptable life and constructed habitations of adequate form it is being very of far a reality that are in the parameters of the great projects of designers and city planners of century XX. It is common to see in the reporters bottlings, excessive crime, index of weak human growth, it are the scarcity of basic sanitation in slum quarters of metropolises as So Paulo, New Delhi and Cidade of the Handle, contrasting with modern industrial parks, or in metropolises of the developed countries, Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, to have taxes of suicides in the higher social classroom for ecesso of work, with long hours of working that goes of 15 the 18 daily hours, and also suffering with the entrance on a large scale of contingents of people that look survival alternatives, and most of the time finish under employment if subjecting to work for any commanded type of.

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