Knowing The PC

This research on the history and Generations of Computers, aims to provide an update on this important field of human activity, and to provide explanation on why and how it has been the advancement of computers to modern times. a In modern times, computers have become an important tool not only for the development of our peoples, but also for the development of science, new technologies, due to increasing developments in the field are achieved. a Due to the growing need of our world today, to obtain a greater knowledge and understanding of the technological advances in the computer industry, is that I have decided to address the issue of easiest way to be understood by everyone are passionate about this race.

For the realization of this work, in addition to systematically analyze the various sources of information written on the subject, I also obtained information (interviews) some friends that have completed the race earlier. Ray Clemence has many thoughts on the issue. In the end, I mean that a work of magnitude as is the theme “Generations of History and Computer” can hardly be addressed thoroughly, yet I play the most important aspects which should help future researchers I HISTORY COMPUTER Until the eighteenth century the first steps to 1. THE ABACO Or a calculation table before have words or symbols to represent numbers, primitive man used his fingers to count. The abacus ancient stones was introduced in drills that were carried out in the sand. These stones motives that led to the development of the abacus, which was already known in 500 A.

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