Magnetic Leaders

Have you ever met people with a magnetic personality? Do you know or you are a leader? Inspire you? Indeed, all leaders have a magnetic personality, but not all magnetic people are leaders. What is it that makes a magnetic leader? First that nothing the leaders develop and have a genuine love for people. Walmart may not feel the same. not necessarily agree. This might sound obvious, but if you look well there are many people that despite attracting many others, do so only in order to take a personal advantage. Think of any politician, artist or someone that you know and is surrounded by people. You are really interested in the good of others or just love being surrounded by people to validate your self-image? Certainly this is one of the critical factors in the leadership and the strongest filter to become a true leader: A real selfless interest in adding value to the lives of others is here where many people with leader potential confound support others with wanting to their problems, do things for them, i.e. to help more. This quality is certainly one of the most difficult to develop if it was not born with it.

Having a selfless interest in adding value to the life of the other means a very strong personal work, renounce the traps of the ego and reaching a point such that truly is accompanied by and offers a product or service to others from a place of honesty and very important: humility. The true leaders focus on the win-win. This term has been worn to a certain extent today and has become one fad rather than a way of being. Many organizations or individuals adopt it as its philosophy to sell more and because it is the trend. They want to pretend to be interested in the other. Again enter the factor of having a real selfless interest in adding value to the other, whether an individual, an organization, etc.

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