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In the app economy, is one of the benefits and not engineering Latin Freiburg/Munchen – IT professional Jorg Frey, Managing Director of the Freiburg software company Haufe Lexware, deems noteworthy, at the Windows 7 campaign no longer to make, but the customer benefits the technical features in the foreground the repositioning of Microsoft. I see a departure from the classic marketing instruments, which were previously common in the IT industry and still are. The hardware providers seen however still a very technology-litany in the communication with the customers. With a giant list of lists about the application possibilities of the system one passes in the marketing needs of potential buyers\”, so Frey to the paragraph economic. There is a clear trend in marketing, to give the customers themselves to speak about the meaningfulness of the product. Thus the brand is much more believable and the acceptance in the market increases. It is\”also the new Windows 7 campaign, says Frey. Many IT companies would involve too much proprietary product development at the embassies and put only a flood of technical detail in the foreground.

This is understandable, because you have to do it here with technicians. Non-techies, who can do anything with the wealth of information sitting on the other side with the buyers but often. You must deal more with the question, why a product is really bought. Customers have usually a problem and looking for a solution. You must fill the gap\”, recommends the Managing Director by Haufe Lexware, which target medium-sized customers above all. A master butcher, a workshop or pizza maker don’t care at all what is under the hood. You must communicate this clientele the most important things of a software application with a simple and clear language. If I am just and credible communicating outwards, the product must keep what I promise and it must be easy to use,\”as the motto of the Frey.

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