Competition & garden tinker competition on with children competitions to the wide range of topics take place at regular intervals, to reward the best ideas of the platform with great prices. Recently launched two new competitions! A competition revolves around the theme of Garden: all around the garden care tips or decorating ideas, whether cutting instructions for cutting back bushes or harmonious combinations of flower, here’s all demand what belongs to a pretty garden to! High-quality prizes by Manufactum lure to participate. Who so his spring work in the and around the garden around expresses, can take part completely uncomplicated competition by ex PLI at the Garden: Garden competition In the second competition will be looking for ideas of leisure for children. The best how-to tips and game guides are tinkering with children “competition with interesting prizes from Buttinette awarded. Whether games for outdoors, craft ideas for Easter or any other occasion or Cooking ideas, which inspire little chefs, all ideas can take part. And it is no matter whether the MOM or Grandpa makes his creative ideas with the offspring to a manual: crafting with kids competition is also quite simple at the competitions! To interested parties need only completely free of charge and without obligation at to register, to write an original manual (how one finds well explained on the page itself), and you’s can go. The winners are determined by reviews, which can emit all members. Press ex PLI

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