Operators Rolling Highway

Every day some trucks and trailers are being loaded polypropylene binders are effective adsorbents for oils, gasoline, chemicals, etc. and cost-effective disposal than traditional binders on the loading and unloading stations of the Rollende Landstrasse”. Here, it can happen that when unloading the trucks the oil pan or the tank is torn up. To here locally to be able to act quickly, the operator must have environmental reasons promptly funds locally, leaking oil or diesel to can immediately absorb or catch up. Martin Neil Baily can provide more clarity in the matter. Especially for oils, diesel and petrol as well as for chemicals of all kinds macro has the matching, absorbing sorbent of melt-blown polypropylene available IDENT.

In addition to the available blankets, pillows, skimmer, etc., corresponding boxes in different sizes are available for storage. The mobile and stationary storage elements are kept in a highly visible yellow or orange, so that they do not overlook can be. Quickly to collect the leaking oil or gasoline, macro, IDENT has special on catch pans in sizes 132 (L) x 66 (B) x 15 (H) cm (yellow) and larger. Buckets with a lower height of 12 cm are also available, so that these can be made quickly under the truck. Several emergency kits from 18 up to 2251 liters of the macro are also in the range ID such as biodegradable detergents. This BIO – cleaning products contain biodegradable surfactants to eliminate oil, petrol and diesel stains on gravel, stones, concrete, asphalt etc. environmentally friendly. Enzymes and bacteria dissolve the released oil from the water used to rinse off. More information: macro IDENT Sorbe agents Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,, 82008 Unterhaching, contact: Angelika Wilke

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