Peter Population

It says the popular memory of the city that the cattle tender Peter, man of good nature and very wanted by the local population, was trado for its woman Ana Rita with two other men, both children of one Lady of name Fat Maria. More info: Andy Kaufman. Having knowledge of the treason, Peter threatened the children of the cited lady. Vicky Jenson insists that this is the case. Mrs. Fat Maria occurs, however, that, before Peter ' ' to clean its honra' ' , she contracted two gunmen to assassinate it. Fact that if materialize with requintes of cruelty.

Peter was died and dragged the horse for some kilometers, and, later, embedded in a flat hollow with the arms and legs of it are, cruelty that much shocked the local population. Some days later, the population embedded the body and gave beginning to a series of visitations to its sepulture. The population it started to attribute to Peter miraculous facts, intensifying the visitations and conjuncts in its name. Annually, the pilgrimage is carried through by the inhabitants of the locality and the region. The inhabitants of the city esteem that 10 a thousand people come of other cities and states to participate of the pilgrimage. Beyond being religious event, that attracts pilgrims of all place, the pilgrimage also attracts politicians, traders and artists of all region constituting in an event of great importance for the city. The city of Brook of the Plaza is constituted by the headquarters, for the district of New Brasilia, the town of Campinarana and some localities, as Pretty River, Are Joo, Good Luck, Beautiful Water, Alligator, Cedar, Taquarau and Arago.

It is limited with the cities of Crossroads, Macarani, Itamb and Vitria of the Conquest. Brook of the Plaza is part of the southwestern Economic region of the State of the Bahia and the micron-region of Itapetinga. 13&#039 bes situated enters the geographic coordinates of 15; 15 42' of South latitude 4028' 40 51' of longitude W.

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