Philippe Reinhardt

Ovo Berlin GmbH receives the coveted Design Awards for its entire first collection right off the bat and makes history so the surprise could not be greater. Not only that a completely new company with his entire first line 36 of prestigious design awards at all could win, the surprise is even greater when you see what offers the young company: Erotictoys for him and her. But what kind! The vibrators, dildos and co. are truly unique in design and so saw the international jury, because she awarded a complete product line for the first time right. Ovo Berlin GmbH Berlin-based company had sent their models of the first collection of innovative new lifestyle Erotictoys competition in addition to approximately 15,000 entries from over 65 countries. The 37-member expert jury agreed immediately when evaluating the whole ovo products and wrote with this phenomenal result history at the prestigious red dot award.

The product line is easily identifiable on the first Panoramic view of the entire competition in the market significantly. But each sent model with a distinction was awarded that, surprised really overjoyed with our entire first collection to can win even the maker and designer of ovo Berlin GmbH. we are the most important design award. It shows us that our almost 6-year development and our completely new idea and implementation of lifestyle toys for the people of today was absolutely right. And the best is that we will bring 24 more again to be scale toys on the market this year.”says Philippe Reinhardt, Chief Designer at ovo. In the categories fashion, life style and accessories”as well as”outdoor hobbies and sports”could convince the lifestyle toys for the jury and received the coveted award. 34 Models of lifestyle toys received the honourable mention”, which highlights the rewarding aspects of creative work and outstanding detail solutions underlines praise. The renowned design prize awarded since 1955, but for the first time receives a complete first line of a new company to be issued the privilege in the Holy halls.

It is not only prestige, white, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot. With this award is eventually every winner and excellent part of a highly developed culture of design and design industry. Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between well designed products. Features are often visible in details. “Those product creations, but, before the critical eyes of the international red dot jury consists, not be in the crowd can perish and assert itself in global competition.” He who sees the ovo products, will agree here probably happy now. Tanja Bilanzola

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