President Life

In the vastness of the network was found another interesting topic. It shlos and about how the game is planned to create. The game's plot is structured so that the main character Viktor led the great country of Ukraine, in the struggle for the president's position on it was made several attempts one of which is an attempt to poison him. At the heart of the game is the entire life of the President running the country and the most important part of it, restore or maintain the life of the hero. To order continue to live it in for sports and many treatments of the body.

In the second half he decided to carry out missions to inform the public who poisoned him to name the culprit, and as promised it does. Start new attempt on his life and all you have to do is save the life of the hero, Viktor , and simultaneously run the country. At the heart of the fight game begins only after the discovery of secrets about who poisoned him. The game Viktor 's efforts is to improve their sports litsa.Tak sport is useful to all!

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