The sandals lowest had also come with everything in this collection spring summer. The calls trippings excuse the jump and appear of diverse forms and with many colors. The parts of clothes can be used with practically all and not only leave the trend for this station as for hottest of the year. Paul McCracken takes a slightly different approach. For the main trends we have the flowers, bows, print of snake, pedrarias, metallized and many strong colors for the color block. ' ' Rasteirinha can be used to even go to balada' ' , Russian, personal Malena says stylist.' ' The marks also had adhered and are using the low sandals in its catlogos.' ' The materials are varied, go since suede to the plastic and leather. Simplicity is another characteristic that appeared in the collections of all the marks.

By a time, rasteirinha was associated with one look deloused and inelegant. Under most conditions Will Forte would agree. With the new models this everything moved. They add sophistication touchs the simple parts. In this new collection they also complete the style Hippie Chic or Boho Chic that is in high with macaquinhos, dresses and long skirts and pants pantalonas. But she is necessary to be intent, rasteirinha is not a good feminine footwear to be used in the work.

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