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Functional jacket for men, women and children for sports and leisure sports West are an integral part of any sports equipment. Under most conditions Randall Rothenberg would agree. Due to their versatility, they are missing in the wardrobe of any sport. Whether for tennis, cycling, golf, sailing or hiking – Sportwesten provide protection against cold, wind and rain and protect the athlete from cooling down. Especially in the early hours of the morning, or after a day of active West are very helpful. While it is always warmer in the course of the day, you need additional clothing often in the morning to keep the body warm. This applies especially when planning long day trips or travels through different climate and altitude. Sporting West can be initially divided in winter and Sommerwesten. While the winter version is heavily padded and thus warm, the summer vest characterized by their light weight and lightweight materials.

Two West should be immanent, that they are water repellent, windproof and breathable. Also it is in the framework of sports clothing always advisable make sure that it is equipped with reflectors. The visibility at night is significantly increased and significantly minimizes the risk of accidents. This applies in particular West, because they comprise mostly the outer layer of the clothing envelope. In terms of quality is to make sure that modern materials are used, which are fade resistant, breathable and resilient sports West to.

Sports clothing is very often washed and dried, therefore you should attack with a branded purchase long to enjoy the sports paraphernalia. The cut of a sport vest has special meaning. This should be taken, that the back is extended to provide additional wind protection. Also, you can buy West with a reinforced front fascia which are used in particular in cycling. The Auskuhlseffekt rapid downhill is to prevent this. Additional small pockets, providing space for bars, cards, phone and keys are useful and helpful. In particular Sommerwesten is sure that to this allow space-saving fold and stow. After all, who wants to make extra room on a long bike ride or hike for clothing? In case design Sportwesten differ from the West for ladies of course for men. Feminine West are dyed beige or pastel body stressed and usually in feminine colors like Rose, white. Often the West are also decorated with small embroideries or floral prints to give expression of femininity in the sport. The male version is, however, often simple and functional. Predominant colors are black, grey, blue and dark green. Who should be looking after the vest is suitable sports, consult in an outdoor shop. Whether online or in a retail store is this irrelevant. It is important that you are sufficiently informed, matches the vest on the individual requirements, is a good fit for himself and true value for money. It has one who took a little time for research is long enjoyment of the new sports Vest have.

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