While we have the opportunity to continue passing along this plane, be attentive, fully identified with the relevance of grow as a person and spiritually, we cannot ignore the contributions provided by other hikers, they legan, to optimize all those informations actually manifesting vibration, that enliven our potential and it allows us to determine that important it is to know the opportunities. In this opportunity we share with those interested in your growth in know to take the minutes, hours, days, years, trusting that it is will take advantage of this. For this reason, we have selected some and not doubt to help reflect the beautiful, transcendental thing is passing through this dimension, learned and used successfully in our given time and be fully identified that we have fulfilled our mission. THE SADNESS and the fury in an enchanted Kingdom where men can never reach, or perhaps where men pass eternally without realizing counts in a Kingdom Magic, where non-tangible things, become concrete.There was once a wonderful pond.It was a lagoon of crystalline and pure water where swam all existing colors fish and where all the shades of green were permanently reflected until that magical and transparent pond came to bathe becoming mutual company, sadness and anger. The two removed their clothes and bare the two entered the pond. Fury, hurry (as always the fury), inspired – without knowing why – bathroom quickly and faster still, came out of the water but fury is blind, or at least not clearly distinguishes the reality, so naked and hurried, stood, leaving, the first clothes that found and happened that those clothes was not hers but that of sadness and well dressed in sadnessthe fury was.Very quiet and very serene, ready as always to be at the place where it is, the sadness ended his bathroom and without any trouble (or rather, without awareness of the passage of the) time), lazily and slowly came out of the pond.On the shore he found that her clothes already not estaba.Como all know, if there is something that you don’t like sadness is stay naked, so was only clothes that had been next to the pond, the clothing of the fury.We have that since then, many times one is found with the fury, blind, cruel, terrible and angry, but if we take the time to look good, we find that this anger we see is only a disguise, and that sadness is actually hidden behind the guise of fury.

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