Schaffer Voit

Are there really new and innovative teambuilding and event locations or concepts? … Yes, the WERKSATT GmbH here is community gehandwerkt”and directed by Markus Voit. Ismaning near Munich meet 10 employees of a renowned consultancy on a farm in the heart of Ismanings near Munich. The WERKSATT GmbH on 200 square meters is housed in the former cow barn: a combination of workshop, kitchen and meeting room. “The agenda of the group is clear for the next two days: strategy meeting for the coming year and by the way” that others know better, the best even on a completely different level, namely at the community cooking and crafts! The process is simple but ingenious: the participants complete their strategy meeting, shielded by the everyday office routine and breaks down provided they cook their own meals and jointly build a or a visit on the Go-Kart track or in the high ropes course visit also just did several workpieces in the Restaurant? “No,” voit said. The concept of WERKSATT is unique in several respects: A meeting room here and venue so there is no change of location, what’s often again tearing the Group something or takes time in a location. “On the other hand, the activities are essential things: crafts and cooking are basic, original and creative activities!” says voit. What are the instincts of the people? To eat, to build something…

these things are as old as mankind, they are the basic instinct, basics, rooted deeply in us, the we to the need to survive. It just goes together there are thinkers, you need the help of others, to get together at the destination Schaffer and handlebar. Crafts and cooking encourages creativity, increases the attention, as well as independent thinking and working together. To create something with his own hands, is deeply elemental and tangible; then rewarded you with self-cooked food and a glass of beer or wine and has by the way”the “Colleagues once met on a completely different level: the thinker was to the Sadhu and vice versa!” smiles voit and looking at literally the enthusiasm him for his concept. Last, the participants take their self created, real and sustainable product home or in the Office and have thus a lasting memory and not just any participation certificate. “” If you want the finished workpiece still the WERKSATT branding irons pushes – because branding “must be!” voit said. And how did it come to the company names WERKSATT, Mr. Voit? “Actually a beer mood: workshop and satellite (of the food), since you cut just a T out and has everything what you need.” voit grins. And how to get on as a concept? “Quite simply: it combines his two passions: cooking and the crafts and are in the pot yet his experience that you gained in the last 10 years as a manager at Microsoft…”

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