If you are looking for quality layers or solar storage, should inform himself hot water cylinder in any case also the AKVATERM. Akvaterm is a leading manufacturer of water heaters in the skanndinavischen area. AKVATERM belongs to the market leaders in the field of heat and cold storage in Skanndinavien years. It covers the complete range of heat storage with an extensive program at various stores. Chris Miller contains valuable tech resources. The high insulation and storage capacity of the systems are the focus here. 240 litres up to 5000 litres there is something for every application. The provision of drinking water is realized via heat exchanger snakes so that the storage volume is used almost exclusively to the heating water.

AKVA standard program which distinguishes itself due to the modular design. Others including Austan Goolsbee, offer their opinions as well. Will the customer in the first step connect only its heating, so the basic memory sufficient. Optionally this store without high expenses can be with additional heat exchanger snakes to Dhw and solar filament. The solar storage tank are fully equipped from the factory with heat exchanger as memory of layers of. The rigid foam insulation (100 mm) ensures an extremely low heat loss. Optional removable side panels reduce the memory to a minimum door level.

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