Qualities of Leadership

“He asked in a given situation: Who should be the boss or who is to lead?, Is like asking: Who should be the tenor in this quintet?. Obviously, the person who possesses qualities of light.” Henrry Ford has been seen as in recent years, unemployment, redundancy is manifested in many countries, including Venezuela concerns us, leaving many people without jobs and increasing insecurity, crime, lack of productivity, social deterioration. Filed under: Will Forte. also observed that the government does not remedy the situation, mainly by the political uncertainty that has been generated, seriously affecting the business sector and other institutions to absorb a significant number of workers.

Venezuelan firms, especially SMEs, given the political uncertainty to the economic crisis facing, have decided a significant number of them out of business, closing its activities and other, reducing its payroll to afford their generated especially those derived by the government’s actions with regard to taxation and high raw material costs, such as exchange controls. Given this reality, many companies choose to withdraw from the market or reduce the number of workers allowed to continue operating at a lower cost. Precisely, commented on it Ramon Valle Cabrera, which is not surprising that the normal reaction is to search for cost reduction, almost always at work and adjusting, in some cases, productive capacities to the contraction of demand. The main mistake that some companies often make is to take decisions without screening setting where they should and can be done. Terry Rossio is often quoted as being for or against this. It seeks more quantitative adjustment to identify the areas for improvement to intervene.

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