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New Yoga Vidya just expired in 2009 with the global economic and financial crisis showed that the existing social, economic, and social systems are vulnerable. Who is seeking alternatives, will find the Yoga Vidya e.v.. Since time immemorial, there were always groups which were challenged the existing social forms, conventions, or systems. (A valuable related resource: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak). Of the origin of Christianity, about the era of the philosophers up to 68, a thread running through the story stretches generation. Often those are ridiculed and dismissed as a crackpot, seeking a different way of life and sense of itself. This applies in particular in the Western world of materialism. A way of life, which can look back on a tradition of 5.000-jahrige, the Yoga was, however, largely ignored over the years. Yoga? This is but this gym from India\”many think and are thus fundamentally wrong, because physical exercises are only a part element of Yoga teaching.

Yoga is a proven exercise system to the Promotion and attainment of health, well-being and harmony, as well as to the revival of dormant skills and the expansion of consciousness. The Yoga Vidya e.V. is a non-profit organization that treats comprehensively all aspects of Yoga and in practical or theoretical exercises, courses and seminars. The offers of the Club are open to all those interested in yoga. Who wants to deal even deeper with Yoga teaching, for which there is the Yoga Vidya Ashram community within the Yoga Vidya e.V.. It sees itself as a spiritual community and offers an alternative to the modern society interested\”. But that does not mean that the Association or the Ashram community are backward or reject modern achievements. In the contrary, the Club and training facilities are equipped with modern technology, which is available to all members and staff available. In addition, all basic needs of employees, such as housing, food, access to social benefits (health insurance, Internet, telephone and car will and pension insurance) meets.

Atomic Yin

(See annex 2.) this wisdom can be found also in a totally modern formula: = mc (“energy is the speed of light squared equal mass times”) not less than is Einstein’s famous formula of mathematical proof that everything, including any form of matter, consists of energy! Franz Bardon is therefore called the 1 reason: “Number of the highest knowledge and highest wisdom”-2-“the polarity symbol” cabalistic: know graphically: horizontal line Tarot: “High Priestess” (female) the polarity of the 2 is best illustrated by the Atomic Yin & Yang. This Taoist symbol shows (among other things!) which is always interdependent opposites. As an example: There is only a single temperature, E.g. 24.4 degrees Celsius, and this temperature would never deviate, unaware there us something like temperature ever is. Terms how warm, cold, hot, etc. would be us total strangers and have no meaning. The material world revealed so always by a pole with a counterpoint (male & female, day & night, positive & negative, light & shadow, love & hate, etc.), the physical life is determined by the poles of birth and death, and even the feeling of the time, resulting (in spite of absolute presence!) until the poles of past and future.

Will Adcock to: “in the old Chinese philosophy referring to the time before the creation of the universe (…) literally translated as Wu Chi -: ‘Summit of nothingness’. Yin and Yang, the fundamental laws that underlie all of creation emerged from this formless chaos. “The soft silent water” yin and Yang ‘the hardness of the wood’ represented in the Tai Chi, that familiar circular icon, with a black and a white segment. “The principle of resonance clarified also in the 2: every action is followed by a reaction, what you sow you reap that, how you call into the forest so sound it, who uses the sword will be slain by the sword, inside out, etc.;” also known as cause-effect principle or law of karma.

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