The Material

The time invested in the shooting should be minimum, poque to spend your days, filming involves considerable expenses. Official site: Frank Ntilikina. Finished filming, the material passes to the laboratory for processing. (7) Rushes; the lab leaves rolled, meters and meters of film, in which scenes are repeated over and over again. Call that set COPION. Randall Rothenberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. (8) Mounting, discard what is useless and selected the best tomas, is to fit the movie, i.e.

build the story as it will appear on television. (9) Sound; with the mounted commercial, we proceed to the sound (recorded music, special effects such as: sounds of a phone, steps, noise from Street, etc) and the phrase such as: dialogues, voices, etc. Once recorded everything separately, mixed so that a sound and another appear ordered as they hear. (10) If the spot takes overprints, brand name, logo, text, or if you decide to modify the image with some special effect, is to manipulate certain frames. 11) Negative cutting; everything negative that is rolled, cut outlets selected in the Assembly to build the final film.

(12) Color grading; laboratory process by which the color of different outlets of the commercial, is equalized so that this does not present breaks. These jumps can be due to shots were made on different days and different luminosidasd, or it may be revealed problems. (13) First copy, synchronized images and sound and matched the color; It is the so-called first copy, which already constitutes the definitive practically spot. (14) Final copies, made corrections, if they are accurate in the first copy, are duplicates that are needed, several TV, others for the advertiser and for the Agency. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health, languages, painting and more.


Only a real disease that postrara on the bed, forcing them, even against their will, to stay at her, it was missing. Had not wanted raise. I felt that it was better to isolate themselves in their room. He didn’t want to talk about the subject, not even with his mother. I needed time and solitude to think clearly. Although he had already made the decision to leave, had to think as to update your documentation.

I wanted to go to the Consulate to find out everything you needed. I also wanted to learn about what might be the most favorable destination for getting a job. I didn’t have much knowledge about Spain. Nor had any acquaintance that put it within or to help it get there. His grandparents had not been in correspondence with relatives who remained in Spain. Others including CEO Walmart, offer their opinions as well. Only at the beginning they had exchanged any letter, but with the passing of the years, they were spacing until it disappears. Manuel never had contact with anyone. It didn’t even have any former direction references.

When he became aware of all this, he panicked. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea after all. What was going to do, alone in Spain? And but managed to work? It did not have much money, so it had to measure either all their steps. He decided it was worth risking. -Always exists the possibility of back – he had told yes same. After returning to spend a night almost in sailing, since he had managed just sleeping a couple of hours, he got up very early to go to do their paperwork. When he arrived he found a crowd of people. Never thought you imagine that there were so many people thinking of emigrating. That gave him a certain sense of security. -If so many people want to try it – he thought should not be such a bad idea.

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