Natural Alliance

Economic Alliance calls for the widespread use of recycled paper to the conservation of forests and the conservation of biological diversity the consideration of the overall ecological contexts, including production processes, makes it clear that recycled paper made from 100% recycled paper makes an important contribution to the protection of the resource forest, and to the preservation of biological diversity. Through the use of recycled paper can pressure are taken from the forests and thus provided a significant contribution to the preservation of diversity in them”, so Dr. Axel Paulsch from the Institute for biodiversity in Regensburg. The preservation of biological diversity in forests is of crucial importance. The woods are home to the highest biodiversity of all Habitat types according to the current state of knowledge. Although they occupy only six percent of the Earth’s surface, they are home to about two-thirds of all living land animals and plants.

Against the backdrop of the ever-increasing threat to biodiversity, it is essential become intelligent strategies to implement, that conserve the natural resources as well as protect biodiversity. Steven Davis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With recycled paper and the idea of recycling is a proven strategic approach which integrates the conservation of biodiversity in the production of paper firmly and sustainably”, as Michael Soffge, spokesman for the initiative pro recycling paper. The achievable with recycled paper ecological benefits for the resources and biodiversity are varied. In addition to the conservation of forest resources and the living species, an acidification of waters is avoided by renunciation of the use of harmful chemicals. Bobby Sharma Bluestone contains valuable tech resources. This protects the species in the local lakes and rivers. And finally valuable resources like water and energy to a noticeable extent be saved in the processing of waste paper. On the occasion of the 9th UN serve in Bonn organized the initiative pro recycling paper on diversity Forum on May 27, 2008 from 14 15: 00 one workshop titled recycled paper and Biodiversity a natural Alliance Forum tent (1). Participants of the workshop are: Dr. Axel Paulsch, Institute of biodiversity / Regensburg and Michael Soffge, spokesman for the initiative pro recycling paper / Berlin. Strategies for the integration of the theme biodiversity in the production as well as relationships between resource conservation and protection of species as an example are discussed by recycling paper. Contact: Sonke Nissen initiative pro recycling paper c/o Nissen consulting Fasanenstrasse 85 10623 Berlin 030 T: 30831374 E: I:

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