Sporting Activities

The senderismo is without a doubt one of the sport activities more enriching than they are possible to be realised, since besides being a very complete sport, allows to be in contact with the enemy with the nature and to discover extraordinary places. So that a senderismo excursion does not entail any risk, it is necessary to plan it in detail. One of the points most important to consider is the equipment that we are going to take: mountain foods, drink, maps, clothes Hay to try to take little weight, to take only the strictly necessary thing, since we will have to load with him the route throughout. By all means, we must study the difficulty and the length of the route that we are going to cross, as well as the physical capacities of the group well. He is recommendable that the nascent senderistas begin making short routes and of low difficulty, even if they are in good physical form. He is fundamental to inquire into the time that is going to do before going, because adverse climatologic conditions, like rain or the fog, can put to us in danger. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak: the source for more info.

The element essential to do a senderismo route is the mountain boots. It is necessary to wear suitable boots, that adapt on our feet and they allow us to make senderismo without bringing about gallings or blisters comfortably. Please visit Frank Ntilikina if you seek more information. In order to choose a good boot, we will have to consider details like the form, the cane, the group, the sole and the material of the same. The form is the inner form of the boot. In order to know if one adapts well on our foot, although some boots include pads so that it adapts better, is necessary to try on it and to walk with her.

The cane is the part of the boot that holds the ankle, therefore is very important to choose one that holds it well to us and to thus avoid possible injuries. In order to know if a cane holds the ankle well to us correctly, we only must move it in circles and of ahead to back. The group excessively does not have to be heavy but either very fine. The soles must have a good adhesion and resistance. With respect to the material, it must be transpirable and impermeable. A good option is the boots of goretex.

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