More demand for competition in the person is becoming greater, demanding, given the requirements that scenarios require according to the role to play. In the specific case which concerns us companies, they need actors with reliable competitions that involve them to operate, produce effectively, guaranteeing not only survival but development, conquest and permanence of markets. Really what are competencies? What they involve? Why its importance, scope, impact? It is very valid which States that a company that chooses to accept work competencies, need to work systematically to determine what competencies requiring its staff, since it is little less than impossible make use of sets of competencies developed by other organizations. Although use of the lists of generic competencies developed by different authors can be, nothing releases the Organization of additional work to adapt and disseminate them among staff, as indeed is you’re creating a new way of perceiving the work itself. In order to determine its importance, relevance, and scope, it is important to determine that he is meant by competences in this regard some definitions that allow us to determine its scope, namely relevance can be mentioned: to Boyatzis (Woodruffe, 1993) are: sets of patterns of conduct, the person must carry a charge to perform efficiently in their tasks and functions Ansorena Cao (1996): A skill or personal attribute the behaviour of a subject, which can be defined as a characteristic of its behaviour, and, under which, the task-oriented behavior can sort logical and reliably. (p. Further details can be found at olympics, an internet resource. 76) (cited in Spencer and Spencer) script defines them as underlying characteristics of persons indicating forms behave or think, generalizable from one situation to another, and which are kept for a reasonably long time Woodruffe (1993) raises them as a dimension of open and flagrant, behaviors that enable a person to surrender efficiently.

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