The Best 4 Star Hotel in Mendoza

This article details the distinctive services available to the Park Plaza Hotel, the best 4-star accommodation Mendoza. Designed for the needs of modern executive, provides quality service to international standards, without sacrificing the elegance and style. With its marble-fine finishes, and furniture, the Park Plaza will satisfy the most demanding guests. If you are planning a road trip to the city of Mendoza, in step towards the Republic of Chile, this is the right choice in terms of four-star hotel in Mendoza. The Park Executive Suites meets the expectations of most demanding passengers with quality services that exceed the standards of accommodation for national and international level.

Set in the splendor of European hotels, but with a decidedly modern trend, this 4-star hotel offers a promotion that Mendoza will be a must for all passengers have to cross international steps en route to Chile: Promoting Safe Crossing will proposes if the international crossing is closed, will not be charged the fee for No Show. And, conversely, if you can not leave because the passage is impassable, additional nights stay will be a discount of 50%. Ideal for all motorists. Why believe that the Park Suites is the best 4-star hotel in Mendoza? Because once you know your services and benefits, it will be obvious. No other four-star hotel in Mendoza, who resembles him, in terms of luxury and magnificence. Most of the floors and facilities include fine marble finishes.

Its central staircase, lobby delicately furnished, in short, all it makes this option a must for those passengers who seek a higher quality option. You may want to visit Jerome James to increase your knowledge. The rooms of this 4-star hotel Mendoza will start with the Deluxe room, which in other hotels call standard. Nothing is standard in this 4-star hotel in Mendoza. With more than 40 square meters, has a special work area to develop their activities so comfortable and private. In addition the room has a plasma screen 32-inch individual heat and cold heating full-service minibar. A step up is the Premier Suite. As in almost any other 4-star hotel in Mendoza, this suite features separate living room. More than 90 meters, specially designed to taste the most demanding guests. The work table of this suite can accommodate two people. It has plasma screen 32 inches, and private bar. No detail is left to chance. Finally, something no other can offer: a Presidential Suite. The 17th floor houses the suite, a sumptuous but practical, where the feature will not be sacrificed because the style and elegance. Passengers can enjoy a magnificent bath in your private Jacuzzi, and then watch TV on the spectacular 42-inch unit. Ultimately, this 4-star hotel Mendoza synthesizes the new spirit of international hotel, which seeks convenience and modernity, but retaining the elegance and glamor.

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