vacation expenses are on the rise. Airfares are costing more and more. Time spent at the airport is ever more with the increase of security and airline delays. Reduce costs and loss of time by their vacation driving. Does driving with children can be frustrating, but there is no need to be planning ahead here are 12 tips to help your holiday by car go much easier: 1.

decide what their children going better in the evening or early morning to travel? My children are doing much better at night. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak wanted to know more. So we’re going after the 2: 00 hours and travel at night. 2. Collection of your car with favorite drinks and pre-packaged sandwiches. A hungry child is bored much more quickly. Don’t forget the parents. Low levels of sugar will make you more frustrated.

3 Take over video games, players MP3. You can get books on tape from the library. Make sure that you have headphones replacement 4. A player of Portable DVD is a great idea. A 5 can be or 6 hours in the car seems as 2 hours. hours. It also cuts a lot of stops that children are involved in playing the movie. 5. To avoid carrying in a suitcase per person at a hotel in 1 for the night. Pack a bag of three days in which each person days contribuye3 the value of the clothes. In this way you take a suitcase of clothes every three days. 6. Package of a tablecloth for the light meal at outdoor stops on the way. They have cups and paper plates to reduce the cleaning. Always dispose of waste 7. Be sure to take your digital camera. We’ll create memories for lifetime. 8 They receive postcards from all major destinations along the way. Your children have fun collecting these 9. Try to keep the travel by car to a range of 6 to 8 hours of time. 10. Do not overfill the car. give to children’s room to move. If you need more space, use a grill of ceiling 11. Have a family hour. There is no video games, mp3. Only the family speaking and playing games of words or sing. This can be a great bonding time. Plan what you are going to do if or can turn quickly to frustration 12 have a lot of things to keep them occupied. Pencils of colors, crayons, coloring a few albums of baseball cards, travel games books and a journal of travel for older children.

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