World Soccer Championships

Already finalizing the Championship of the World of Soccer of South Africa, vuvucelas aside, of the occurred results we can draw a conclusion that without a doubt is going to mark future happening of this so multitudinal and competitive sport: The success comes certain from conclusive form by the oriented good work and better coordinated of the equipment, more than by the random and fleeting success of its individualities, by brilliant that these can be. Thus it is, all the selections that somehow or another one have presented/displayed good behavior in this edition of have obtained the World-wide one it by their good one for matching of equipment, orienting their to the fulfillment of the game schemes drawn up by their trainer and characterized the players by a collective feeling of group with fort load of own identity (this same one is what is also demonstrating, concerning clubs, the FC. Barcelona for a pair of successful years). This way that is explained of which no longer is rival easy to overcome then now the motivation along with the strategic discipline and the good preparation physics turns to any equipment, supposedly mediocre, in a perfect machine to contain and to ruin the expectations of victory of their opposite. The Soccer of today is thus and it will be being more and more. The incalculable economic interests that surround to this balonpdico sport urgently force the attainment of results and it is not thing only of one or two figures of relumbrn, but of eleven it jeopardize soccer players and their trainer.

Trainer (or Coach) whose main function is to obtain the best sport version of each player and to put it in fluid combination with the one of the others to form equipment, that is to say, something with added value to the one of only group. And speaking of attainment of results, the essential premise is not this that historically marks to the origin and the destiny of the life of the companies. The mercantile success, in as competitive world as the one that defines to the reality of the societies economically more outposts, happens to win to the competitors in the divided duro to obtain please the clients. This task, that all the companies that we know becomes impossible of not counting, like in Soccer, with a good strategy defined and a human equipment coordinated and motivated face day to day to implement it. The competitive advantages no longer come determined by brilliant enterprise ideas in a world where almost everything is invented. No, which ensures the success is plus a work of constant contribution of value, gradual and it combines by which conform an organization thus arriving to secure the excellence to turn the whole into much more which the sum of its parts. Who looks for the Solution that continues seeing Soccer.

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