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In June 2008, published a book of Julia Raw 'Modern Web Design: Draw a site that sells. " The book details the process of creating the right design. Hear other arguments on the topic with Antonio Banderas. In addition to its pages, describes the most popular in the current design styles, working in which the designer is likely to achieve commercial success. Reading the book, you'll see with my own eyes, how to begin site. It is literally a step by step guide to meeting the the main question: how to draw an attractive site and do not reinvent the wheel.

The best book on web design – so celebrated that book publishing, and in some ways it is certainly right. Mustafa Suleyman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The last explanatory tutorial on this topic Dmitry Kirsanov's book was' the Web. Design ', which was released back in 2000, and has already morally outdated. Editorial: This book is intended for novice web designers. It describes the main rules and subtleties of design at all stages of website development – from goal-setting, material selection and design layout to testing the finished site and publish it online. Overall, the book helps the novice technician not only successfully draw a good commercial design, but also come to understand the essence of web design, learn the basic principles of developing design layouts of sites in different styles. All this will enable him to successfully move forward creatively and to grow in further develop their own styles of websites. Information about the book, the contents and introductory chapter can be read online publishers:

Real Online Entrepreneur

Earnings over the Internet are interested in very many, but few make the practical steps in this direction. Why do most people slow down before launching their project in a network? To this end, a number of reasons: fear of criticism risk to waste a lot of your time and effort, the risk of losing the invested money, etc. But in my opinion the worst reason – uncertainty. It includes all the above reasons, as well as basic – Information overload. People do not like uncertainty, so they are before you start your online project want to learn all about this topic to understand – by force if they do. As a result, information porridge in your head does not start a business in practice. "After so many ways, so many business strategies.

Or maybe make a mistake in choosing the main idea of the project? Will I be able to generate ideas for content? Will I be able to create all this content? – Thinks about every beginner Internet entrepreneur. What can I do, you ask? First and foremost, opredilite most important goal in your business over the next 3 months. Here is an example of such a goal: to 1000 subscribers. Then make a step by step plan for your action to achieve the selected target. Such a step by step plan you can make up by studying a good guide on doing business on the Internet.

Now show the reality that you trust her. Relax and just run the 1 st paragraph your plan, then the next and so on. Study only the information that you need at this particular moment, to perform the task that you should at the 1 st place in importance. Official site: Amos Otis. You do not have time to notice how implement its business goal. And now I'll give you 3 powerful advice that really helped me begin to do: # 1. In order not to look back and no doubt necessary for a burn all the bridges. Therefore first of all pay normal host, at least for 3 months. # 2. Connect the leased line with unlimited calling. Now it's not so expensive. Inquire about this topic on the Internet about your region. If it is not technically possible to , it is desirable to defer a monthly amount for dial-up access, and forget about that money. Because the thought of saving for Internet access would interfere very strongly and may even slow down your entire business. # 3. Explore good course, learning the basics of online business. Through this course you obzavedetes all the tools necessary to start online. I would advise to choose the 1.3-quality partnerships goods that you are close to themes, and concentrate all their attention on their progress. The result will be just fine! As you noticed, almost all of these recommendations are based on serious investment in your business. But it is investment and will spur you to action! I wish you persistence and determination to run your project!

Creating Websites

Make the site your hands – it sounds a bit wrong. Intelligent any product made primarily by the mind. Hands in this case, perform a secondary role. I will not paint, like that installed because information about the "it" an enormous amount. My mission is to describe what must be done, but how do you conceive yourself.

Before you host your site on the Internet it must be done locally, ie Set on a home computer. To do this, install the Developer Denver. Installation instructions on the site developer. Web site creation, as well as building a house to start with the foundation. Download from the Internet site engine. I myself prefer the cms Joomla the latest stable version. The resulting archive to open the folder C: or D: / webserver / home / your_resurs / /. After this, run the Denver and type in the name of your site ie sait.ru.

If you're all done correctly, the page you will see step by step instructions on install cms Joomla. Carefully follow the instructions. As a result, you'll have a site with a minimal set of components: User Manager, management articles, menu manager, voting, and a full set administrator functions. The next step – is to increase the functional site. Typed into a search engine "joomla components and carefully read the information. Those components that you fit, you can add to your site with 2 clicks in the admin panel. Also, elementary changing design of the site, only for it not to install the component and template. Having dealt with the management of the site, you should fill it with content. Material must be simple, topics and have links to internal pages. References must also be on the topic, for example on the site for the construction of laminated veneer lumber must be text: "Glued laminated timber – it's durable, environmentally friendly and nice stuff ". Because The site is devoted to a laminated board sometime this phrase to make a link to another page of the site where you want to attract users. This is the most important part in the construction of a resource. I cited the example of the links but apart from that, you should pay particular attention to headings title, tags h1-h6, span, strong. The finished site should be moved to the Internet. First acquires a domain name it must be purchased from the registrar of names (use search engines). After this determined with a place to host and acquire the necessary service. We want the service to include support for php and MySQL, phpmyadmin. My annual support site is at 3000 rubles. To transfer using ftp client program, I recommend FileZila. Just take and copy all the directory in the site folder. On my hosting, it is called htdocs. To transfer a database using phpmyadmin. He is in Denver and it exists in any self-respecting host. On a home computer export business database on remote import. With the support of these same tools vyplnyaem backup.

Corporate Web Page

Tell me how many visitors at your corporate pages, and I'll say, how is your business. By the end of 2008 the number of users of Internet resources amounted to 1 billion people. Contact information is here: Geno Smith. Corporate resource is considered an integral part of the marketing policy of the organization, effective way to promote products and services to markets and positioning the company as a whole. Corporate resource is capable of doing many things, but not all, so it is important assess the real capabilities of a corporate site. Today is gaining momentum worldwide trend "Transfusion" marketing budgets online. This is understandable. According to statistics, the audience Runet now stands at about 30 million users. Number of Internet users in Ukraine is estimated at more than 7 million, in Belarus – more than 3 million initial data for the analysis you are managing a small or medium-sized businesses, designed for sector b2b.

Advertising budget, because of the circumstances, is limited, ie Costly and lengthy advertising campaign – it is rather a luxury. The name of the company is known not for everyone. Let's say your company produces valves that known to a small circle of customers. Corporate web site contains a set of standard sections: information about the company, contacts, news, catalog of products and services. There are a number of additional services: electronic order, criteria for selection and so on. From the information point of view, all competently. Why did it not go? Even a good corporate resource can not work miracles Reason 1: a complex corporate website address attendance may be close to zero.

Go to your page can only visitors directly typed the site address in your browser. For well-known brands is not an obstacle:. As for the address, have something to think about. The second reason: the lack of move the main source of visitors to corporate resources – links from the search engines. " Website promotion is in its registration in search engines and directories to gain in search engine "valves" went straight to your page. Initially, progress through two or three months can bring from fifteen to 150 patients a day. However, this amount will not suffice. The range of services to "promote" products and sites include the most different ways: pay-check on search sites, banner advertising. The cost of online advertising depends on many factors: size, number of hits per unit time, away from the performance site on which you stationed. For the effective use of Internet capabilities, you need to determine exactly to what the audience will be drawn to the advertising message. Methods of Internet Marketing: Buying top places in the results of the issuance of upon request, to business portals. Purchase targeted hits in search engines. Mutual exchange banners with other resources. If your company is focused on the sector b2b, whether you need to spend budgets placing banners on sites where the vast majority of users – individuals, not interested in the wholesale order a home goods? Business portals, unlike b2c resources may not only increase visits to your site, but also to find new permanent business partners. If you think you can "promote" the site yourself and your company's corporate website is more than enough, it remains only to wish you every success. But best of all turn to professional trading platforms, who knows what to do. However, be careful with offers like "will provide thousands of visits per hour." Success in business – it's a long job, not a chance. Read the article Further in Business

Google Indexes

Let's first define some basic concepts, and that we consider in this article? Boat (English bot) is part of the software the search engine whose purpose – to find and pass on every page your site, categorize it according to certain characteristics, and place in a MySQL database Google. At the moment, Google is following a well-known bots, you: 1) Adsense Bot 2) Freshbot 3) DeepCrawl Adsense Bot, as you can probably guess, is used for webmasters who have Adsense ad units on their sites. Once the new page appears on your site, you want the script within the Adsense code sends a message to the bot-Adsense Bot, and within 10-20 minutes, it will begin to index page of the site, in order to display the most relevant ads. If you are not interested in the Adsense Bot, proceed to the next, most important bots – DeepCrawl and Freshbot. Freshbot performs the task of scanning the most popular pages on your site. It does not matter, one a page or a few thousand.

These large sites like YouTube.com and digg.com have hundreds of thousands of pages are scanned every five minutes, and all because Google keeps track of sites with a high degree of content change. It is known that These pages have a large number of frequent changes. Whether Google slower page would lose its relevance. Normal site with more or less updated content, can count on the fact that his visit Freshbot up to 14 days, Depending on how popular those pages. What's happening with your site when it visits Freshbot? He scans the pages, starting with the primary and goes deeper into your site. Then he puts found links to MySQL database (the database). So when DeepCrawl visited by your site, he knows what links there are on it. About once a month, DeepCrawl visits your site and clicks on any links that have been found Freshbot.

That is the reason why your site indexed in Google can take up to a month. Not rescues, even adding a site map. In summing up, I want to say be patient and continue to replenish your site interesting and useful information. Work on obtaining valuable and qualitative links from reputable portals and Google, without fail, will reward you for it!


Thousands of blogs created every week, and many of them begin their existence with errors. If you are seriously thinking about starting a blog, posted here are some things that will help you with this. Day 1. Before the start Blog – configure it. Many people start a blog is not fully configured. The design is not complete or RSS-feed does not work.

Before starting a blog you must make sure that the design is complete, RSS-feed is working, ping the blog works and himself a blog optimized for search engines. The first day the blog is the most important, because all these things affect his further advancement. Day 2. Choosing a theme and stick. If you have already chosen a theme for your blog, then try not to change it. If you write about gadgets, then let it be a blog about gadgets. Check with Andrew Adamson to learn more. If you start to write about something else, your readers will lose interest and the blog will cease to exist.

Day 3. Be consistent. The frequency of adding new articles depends on you. If you want to blog every day for a month – that's good. If you want to blog weekly or even daily, it's even better. But if you're updating it daily, and then miss a month – it's bad. Your Readers should be aware of when they can expect to read a new theme for your blog. Day 4. Do not leave your readers with no response. In the first few days of blogging – it is really very important when working with readers. If someone asked a question or comment on the article – must answer. And no matter how you do it, either on his blog, or send an e-mail response. The main thing – answer! Day 5. To the point. You can place your book that you wrote on my blog before, but this does not mean that people will read it. If you write a concise and meaningful message, then the likelihood is high that most people will read them. Day 6. Keep your sense of humor. Create your own unique articles, some humorous, or even something a simple one. Your plain text can actually save more readers. Day 7. It is very unlikely that the blog became popular during the weeks. It may take months or even years. May simply be that something that you hoped did not go as planned. Do not worry, just keep writing. Keep doing what you like.


Instead of viewing each directory partition in this case it is better to use the search box to which access is available on the home page shop. In the search box to write a word that you think should be in the name, characteristics, or in the product description and press the search button. After that to view a list of found goods. If you have read about Super Bowl LV already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Shopping Cart is perhaps the most important functional part, which is also more commonly associated with a shop. In the online store, as in an ordinary supermarket, you choose the right product, on the contrary it is clicked click add to cart so many times, how many units of product you need.

View basket (goods and their quantity) are usually displayed in the online store in a prominent location on the screen. By clicking on the basket, you agree to its open and can change the quantity of goods or delete some items. Register To place an order from an online store to register. In other words, make your data (name, shipping address, e-mail) or details of your company, then get the name (login) and password for future login. In some shops the registration process is absent, but in this case, each time when placing your order need to specify your contact details and delivery address. Registration also allows you to track the status of their orders, to keep their personal data, contact information, the state of the basket to the next entry and other benefits. Checkout After filling the baskets, if you are already logged in using your username and password should click on checkout to confirm the selected product, method of payment and type of delivery.

Semantic Core Competitor

In analyzing the market, specialists in search engine promotion must necessarily examine the market activity of competitors. This is necessary in order to be able to build up the their own strategies to promote, to borrow from its competitors and successful solutions to avoid obvious mistakes. However, those competitors who are known for off-line media companies, not always will be competition for the site in an e-environment. For example, for a manufacturer that has its web-site of a competitor could easily be the online store, which in the off-line environment, they could not even be facing. So way online to conduct additional studies to identify direct competitors web site. Marc Lore often says this. One method of identifying whether a site is competitive, is to determine its semantic core. Ie on what key words it makes your progress. Michael J. Bender often expresses his thoughts on the topic. There are different ways of defining a set of keywords of competitors.

In particular, specialists in search engine promotion can view the meta-tag keywords, so images of learning which keywords pozitsionirut themselves web developers. There is also the possibility of using various services optimizatorskih opredelelit anchor text of links that are used in promoting a competitive site. And on this basis to supplement their information about its semantic core. However, applying the above methods, it is possible to make a mistake. Since attempts to promote Web site certain keywords may not mean their success.

And this site may be high on the issuance of a completely different needs. Perhaps more bass. They will be the same semantic core that operates at the moment actually. Determine the real situation is quite difficult. Almost impossible to predict all the variants of requests to check their position in the SERP. But it is possible to do this automatically, and it is very easy. Using the service Seodigger.com, by driving into the search box addresses of the analyzed sites, after a few seconds, you can get a list of queries that these web sites are located within the first 20 positions on the version of the search engine Google. For example, if we want to determine which queries on the version of Google for leadership positions is the site, may be within a split second to get given statistics and see that the TOP20 in this web site is the search query 1105, of which 74 – to issue the first position, 76 in the second and 78 in the third on the audit of the domain and 133 searches, 40 of which – on the first issue positions, 13 on the second and 27 in the third on the main page. Using these data, we can compare them with earlier and focus on these data, further build its competitive strategy. Unregistered the user can view only certain pages of sites. In order to carry out checks on the entire domain (including all internal pages), you must register. Also, unregistered user has a limit of no more than 5 hits per hour. At the moment the service only works with Seodigger.com English-language queries.

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