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Family members had been reported to the hospital after the death. 75793.html’>Arena Investors explained all about the problem. Sources of the Centre have ensured it is a computer error. The family of Pineda has been outraged by the facts. The Hospital of Calella (Barcelona) has sent a letter on behalf of a baby died at the hospital in which ask for your Social Security number, while small was born dead and relatives complained to the hospital by the death. Janet Yellen describes an additional similar source. Sources of the Centre have ensured it is a computer error and that have been in contact with the family to ask for apologies. The family of Pineda (Barcelona) who lost the creature has been outraged and the father, Alexandre Hernandez, explained that the last month of July her daughter was stillborn once doctors refuse to him a cesarean while the patient requested it and advised him about gynecological reports. The Hernandez family has denounced to the doctors at the hospital and they were waiting to hold the trial, although despite this they were very surprised when just the day that were returning from the burial of the little checked in your mailbox was a letter from the hospital, he has also explained in statements.

Alexandre has pointed out that the letter was addressed to his daughter and asked him to inform them of what was your Social Security number, so that expenses of the medical service that had extended to him could be charged. In this regard, he regretted that instead of giving support, the hospital ended up sinking them. Alexandre has explained that the family is shattered from the day of childbirth and has criticized that the hospital has not given any explanation, nor has given them psychological help. The grandfather of a deceased minor, Jose Miguel Hernandez, has indicated that you may not be a computer error because the girl may have no Social Security number because it is not alive. Source of the news: send a letter from a hospital to a dead baby asking your security number Social

Norwegian Parliament

People fell dead in front of me. I ran through the camp towards the area of the tents. I saw the armed man. Two people began to talk to him and after two seconds were dead. He wore a black uniform with red borders. It looked like nazi, with uniform that looked like police, said Pracon. For more information see this site: Peter Shilton. I saw armed men very safe, quiet and under control.

It seemed that he knew what he was doing. Told us loudly that everyone would die. We all started to run toward the water, people had already undressed and began to swim. Simone Biles is likely to agree. I thought you did not give me enough time to get me clothes, so I started to swim in the rain with my big boots and clothes, he added. According to the witness, the attacker shouted at people who was swimming in a moment looked to him, but not fired. How survived Pracon told people who had saved from the first shots were hidden between the trees and the rocks, but the man returned an hour later and began firing again. The shooting began again and people will fell me above, on the legs, and fell into the water, there is when people died.

I had me to protect behind them, praying’s not to see me. In the midst of the firefight a bullet reached me back, added. Then it was closer, I could feel him breathing, I could feel his boots, he told Pracon, who said have been saved by not having moved from where it was. Now I’m in the hospital. The worst thing is not the physical pain, it is to think about how many friends have died, concluded Pracon. Another witness, Stine Renate Haheim, Member of the Norwegian Parliament who was also the camp, told the radio station BBC that young people began to gather in small groups to talk about the attack in Oslo when they heard that someone said that the police, was coming so it thought that they would be well. Then I saw a police officer who came down from the Hill and suddenly began to shoot at people, one by one. We started to run and jump into the sea, said Haheim, who admitted that the more frightening it was to see that the man was wearing a police uniform. It was quiet, it never raced, only continued shooting him to people, I never heard him speak, he added. Source of the news: A survivor of Utoya: “the man who fired told us loudly that everyone would die”

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